Guess which side won?
Kristen went from this at 1:30 pm:
To this at 2:30 pm:

Yes, the results were in favour of team bald!

There were 58 donors who contributed a total of $1,791.91 in total; $730 for team short hair and $939.51 for team bald. Kristen was thrilled with the amount raised and marched right in there and had fun getting her head shaved. In the backs of our minds was the ultimate winner: research towards curing Ewing’s Sarcoma.

The path from long hair to short and no eyebrows was perilous and of course we have photo proof below.
First you need the right socks
Then to be off with the eyebrows you definitely need the right product. The first one we tried didn’t work well at all
Cold wax didn’t work at all so next came the big guns
Boy did it work. A little too well overall. Hint: if you use this product have the person tip her head back and do only one eyebrow at a time. Otherwise your victim will look like this:
The wax dripped down off Kristen’s eyebrows and started to harden a bit too fast. I knew it would be tough to remove once hardened completely so I just kept ripping the wax off…even when she was sinking down to the ground from my enthusiastic hair removal technique. Eventually the one eyebrow drew blood and she took a break so she wouldn’t pass out from pain. It didn’t help that by now I was doubled over laughing just from the ludicrous position we were both in and the fact that she kept applying cooling products to her bare brow after. I am to stick to my day job and leave the waxing to professionals.
There was one content under-observer….
Bosco hung out in a sunbeam close to her feet. The shrieks of pain and ensuing hysterical laughter set both dogs off however and she had to push them off of her when she sunk to the floor. The dogs thought she was playing a fun new game with them but little did they know what was really going on!
With the painful part of the fundraiser out of the way, we drove off to the hairdresser’s for the next part. Fortunately Kristen’s boyfriend drove down from Fredericton for moral support.
They were so happy to see each other ~ Erik is affected by that university professors’ strike at the University of New Brunswick; the one where the staff picketed for 3 weeks before the government ordering them back to work at the cost of the students’ March break and end of the term being pushed back a week.
Our hair stylist, Amy, began by putting Kristen’s hair into ponytails (Kristen is donating her hair to Locks of Love). Kristen felt like Angelica from the rugrats by the time her hair was all secured.
She looks sweeter with her favourite person close by!
Erik had the honour of cutting the first ponytail off. He was nervous but did a good job!
Then I had a turn cutting the second ponytail off.
Kristen then took her turn cutting the third ponytail off:
Amy then proceeded to cut the rest off
The short hair was definitely a new feeling for Kristen as the only other time her hair was short happened when she was in grade 1 and had a mushroom cut (she looked so cute!)
Kristen then showed off her entire head of hair she will be donating for a wig

Next step was to shave off the remaining hair.
Okay, so I’m not so keen on this look…
But I sure like her gnarly look!
Kristen had Amy give her a Mohawk look for fun just before finishing her head
Then it was time for the final swipes of the razor:
Kristen discovered by raising her eyes a certain way it looks like she still has eyebrows!
Here is Kristen’s hair waiting to start its journey to become part of a wig
Here you see Kristen checking out the back of her new look
She was relieved that she has a nice head for the shaved look!
We want to thank our hair stylist, Amy, for doing such a fantastic job of keeping the shave light-hearted and fun. She waived her fee, pointing out she didn’t cut her but took it all off! She is such a sweetheart and we had a good time. Thank you, Amy!

Back at home someone had a predictable reaction:
Every time Mathew looked at Kristen he dissolved into giggles
Until we got a calmer picture or two…sort of. Mathew does goof off for photos a lot. A LOT.
I then took Kristen and Erik out for lunch. In this photo Kristen is finalizing the tallies for team short hair versus team bald.

Our girl did a fantastic job and she looks BEAUTIFUL without any hair. She still has stubble because her hair wasn’t lost due to chemotherapy or any other medical cause. Mathew’s scalp is smooth because he lost even the roots of his hair for now.

It is easier to see her go bald by choice and not by medical necessity. I did shed a couple of tears realizing that she is bald to support her brother, who is bald because of chemotherapy. It was more nerve-wracking thinking about the hair loss than the actual fact. After a minute or two of seeing both of my kids without hair it starts to seem natural. It quickly becomes the norm and you don’t even realize something “is different” about them. Our society is vain about its perceived view of beauty but you don’t need hair or eyebrows, lashes or other visual aids to be beautiful.

It truly is about the person and not the package. These are my kids and I love them to bits.