Mathew feels better and so do I. Yes!

Yesterday was the first time he perked up and showed a definite improvement in his disposition. I made an effort to sleep ~ a LOT ~ and with my beauty sleep restored I felt more refreshed. I am far from bubbly and chirpy but am somewhat human again.

That was a close call! I know what the term burnout means; been there & done that before and just don’t want to experience that again. Especially not now when I am needed most.

Mathew is not happy he is supposed to go into the hospital for another inpatient round of chemo this upcoming Sunday. He feels gypped because he wasn’t well enough to do anything, from playing his new video game to celebrating his birthday. Assuring him that better days are coming doesn’t help either; life is either “now” or “not now”. Not now is too far away and results in meltdowns and tears. Now, then, is the only alternative and that can’t always happen. He obsesses over when he might be well enough to sit up and enjoy tv or play his PS3. I dread the fifty million questions a day regarding this subject. I don’t know when the tear in his bottom will heal enough to sit on comfortably and I don’t know how much pain he is going to be feeling in another few minutes or the next hour.

Fortunately the G-tube is looking so much better, compliments of the antibiotics the family doctor prescribed on Tuesday. Once the pain lessened from that infection then Mathew definitely felt better. The red swelling has shrunk considerably and the pus is oozing at a much slower rate.

This weekend will be rough if he is well enough to be admitted on Sunday. His counts were low on Tuesday and we were advised to start the Neupogen FINALLY yesterday. Those injections were suspended during radiation so if we are to begin again then it must mean the radiation no longer affects his blood counts. Mathew was thrilled to learn that his arm needles were ready to go once more… hardy har har, NOT. The Fragmin, anticoagulant, is still suspended until his platelet count goes above 50. The count from Monday’s bloodwork was 35 so now it will depend on today’s bloodwork, which we’ll get the results tomorrow.

That crappy weather isn’t helping. We were in the path of the huge end -of-season storm that swept through Ontario and parts of the US over the last two days. Our area was spared the brunt of the snow because we are close enough to the coast to turn the precipitation into ice pellets mixed with snow. The wind blew enough snow to require the snowblower to clean the driveway but yesterday it couldn’t be used for all the slush and frozen ice pellets. Today we had the break the weatherperson mentioned and then the snow fell again with colder air and more wind. Schools closed again… I think this winter might hold a record for school closures! and tomorrow gives us a wee break before another storm is supposed to pass through on Saturday.

So yes, I am fondly thinking of my brother-and-sister-in-law who are presently enjoying the warmth and sun in Mexico. I won’t mention the little voodoo dolls that I am viciously jabbing with pins… just kidding guys! I just want a little sun and warmth here. Maybe a little walk on the road or sidewalk without slipping and trudging through puddles of slush?

The hospital usually calls at a hellishly early hour to advise of the admission status for Sunday. They must work cruel hours at the hospital because they wake me up every.single.time. The last call I had was at 7 am!! I must sound very special when dragged from a winter’s slumber because the oncology staff hugely enjoy my groggy conversations (too much I think).

So I must go and get some shut-eye before I get the wake-up call tomorrow morning from those evil morning staff at Oncology. They must drink a gallon of coffee before calling me they are so chirpy and LOUD.