Sunday was super ~ Mathew was feeling great and wanted OUT.

Out we went. He wanted to celebrate his birthday a week later so he perused his favourite stores and found a wrestling DVD and a book to buy. He ate a Chubby chicken burger from KFC and enjoyed the meal immensely. On the way back to our place Mathew was still so energetic and happy that I asked if he wanted to go over to his Aunt & Uncle’s for his cousin’s birthday. He agreed!

He had the best time with his Aunt Wendy and Uncle Andy. His cousins were there and he got to visit them for a long time. When he tired out he plunked himself down on one of their ultra comfy couches and kept up his visit! Little Ella, their youngest child, turned 11… not so little anymore… and it was wonderful to see her and her little friend run through the house and just being kids.

It was such a lovely, lovely time. Mathew’s spirits were excellent and he so enjoyed his day it was hard to head home fairly early. It was Sunday evening and to me those evenings are set aside to ready yourself for the upcoming work week. I was also sure that underneath Mathew was tired out from his great day. Once at home he fell asleep quickly and was out for almost 13 hours!!

John was still feeling awful from a nasty cold he is fighting so he stayed at home and mostly slept. Poor guy he’s having a hard time shaking this one off! It was a shame he missed this fabulous day with Mathew. Here’s hoping there will be many more!

Mathew’s counts are still too low for chemo and tomorrow he is getting another blood transfusion. His counts were good from Friday’s bloodwork except for his platelets which were 40. They need to be at 100 before chemo is given. Yesterday’s bloodwork however, showed everything dropped substantially EXCEPT for his platelets which continued their slow climb upward… yesterday’s count was a whole 44! The hemoglobin fell to 78 ~ below the magical cutoff of 80. John will be taking Mathew tomorrow because I get to visit the dentist instead.

On Thursday I spit out part of another tooth. It is probably the root canal stuff that broke off while eating something soft but I have to tell you that I’m tired of chomping on bits of my teeth! I doubt they can save the tooth at this point in which case it’ll get pulled. For me that is the best solution since my teeth are causing me so many problems. The pain level drops with each tooth pulled so I’m planning on dentures within 10 years at the rate they are coming out. Sadly my teeth were awesome until 4 years ago and then suddenly some kind of alarm went off and they all started disintegrating and causing me so much pain. My dentist warns me about uncomfortable and painful dentures but I replied that constant tooth nerve pain is no alternative.

Aside from that we’re waiting for spring. Winter’s teeth are gripping us in hell; minus 15 degrees Celsius, cold winds during the days… water then freezing. Yuck, yuck, YUCK.