Wednesday’s two units of blood weren’t enough to jump Mathew’s blood counts high enough for the chemo scheduled for yesterday. I’m sure his oncologist knows how disappointed Mathew was to hear that (Ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee hee)! Thursday’s blood work showed his platelets at 89 – just 11 shy of the 100 needed for treatment. His next blood work is on Monday and he is booked for chemo on Tuesday.

Unfortunately it will be the dreaded outpatient chemo that makes him so sick. The lingering radiation must have worn off enough to start back on the VAC protocol (the acronym for the 3 drugs he takes for the outpatient cycle). We knew it was coming but geez this one hits him so hard…

Meanwhile I spit out a tooth on Tuesday afternoon – no, not the same one as mentioned in Tuesday’s post but a different one, lucky me. This was definitely the root canal tooth, see for yourself:

Root Canal Tooth

I’m most upset about losing that gold on the crown as I liked it. The tooth sheared off at the gum line and the dentist noted the roots are still in the gum so she can build up a new post and crown if I want. No, I don’t want! That and another tooth could be saved with draconian efforts but the numerous needles & freezing & dental appointments needed to keep them ~ NO THANKS! So, guess what? I’m off to see my favourite go-to dental surgeon so he can pull six teeth at once. Yes you read that right; 6 whole, stinking teeth! I’m looking forward to lots of sedation for that procedure and jars of baby food for the first week or so after. This will leave me with no molars for chewing food so the baby food section of the grocery store is looking mighty appealing as I grow ever closer to being a toothless wonder. The final indignity is the 2 cavities that need filling on teeth still left in my mouth. Hey, tooth fairy ~ freaking ENOUGH already. Go bug someone else for a couple of years, will you!

This is a photo of Mathew chowing down on that yummy Chubby Chicken burger from KFC on Tuesday. He asked me to take a picture of him enjoying it and wanted to share it with you:

Enjoying KFC

The week was spent playing his gaming systems and watching tv and movies. We will finish “American Hustle” today after he wakes from his nap. Mathew was awake until 6 am this morning but we didn’t know this until we returned from our breakfast excursion to Pizza Delight. Did you know Pizza Delight has a breakfast menu which is varied and very reasonably priced? John and his younger brother, Harry, go there once in a while and this morning Mathew and I joined them. Mathew chose garlic fingers and chocolate milk while I had the French toast for $3.99 (three pieces!) and we entertained ourselves with the app “Words with Friends” on my iPhone while eating. John and Harry opted for heartier breakfast choices and filled their time chatting.

John and Harry

Matt and Harry

Mom and Matt 3

Mathew was probably up so late because we just got Netflix last night. Six months of the Oncology nurses chatting about the latest show or movie on Netflix piqued my curiosity and I did some research into it. Mathew occasionally sighs and pines for it so it seems another beneficial activity to help while away the hours recovering from upcoming chemo treatments. My mistake was telling him we had it last night; he was so excited and immediately launched it on his iPad mini. I love seeing him happy but not 6 am happy!

Mom and Matt 4
psst notice I still have teeth…