Matt Heart Test 27 Mar 14

Today’s test checked Mathew’s heart function. More specifically how well the left side of his heart pumps out blood to the rest of his body. No alarms went off, no doctors showed up and he chatted the entire time so I’m taking that as all systems are go! All chemotherapy patients get this test at some time during or after treatment due to the slight risk of damage from the chemo drugs.

The test required 2 needles, neither of which could be given through Mathew’s chest port. The clever Nuclear Medicine staff brought in the IV team to insert an IV in Mathew’s hand. Only one pinch but he made sure it counted… *SIGH*…I’m sure it entertained everyone in the waiting room but the staff and I? Not so much.

We are aiming for chemo tomorrow. I know, famous last words right? It is almost 4 weeks since his last treatment ended which isn’t desirable for treating Ewing’s Sarcoma. The protocol is set for every 2 weeks; 3 weeks maximum from start to start of each treatment and we are almost looking at five weeks. Fingers crossed that his counts are good and he goes for his outpatient chemo tomorrow.

Aside from that we are cleaning up after yesterday’s blizzard. Nothing like a good snowstorm with the winds whipping everything about to cheer a cabin-fevered population right up. A hefty amount of snow fell and the wind blew it into waist-high snowdrifts in places. Driving wasn’t recommended and everything here shut down early yesterday including public transportation and the shopping mall. It is good to see common sense prevailing ~ with whiteout conditions during daylight hours any night travelling would be terrible.

During the storm one of our dogs ran outside to do her business quickly and rushed back in covered in snow. The other one made it look like he was out there doing something but instead came back in and used the warm house as his personal potty. I ask you… which is the smart one here?