Mathew was doing so well but you could see a gradual decline in energy and vigor. Each day he ate less and yesterday his water consumption was down so he needed encouragement to keep drinking. The ideal liquid intake is 2 litres and for someone not interested in anything but sleeping…well, it is a challenge.

He woke up feeling lousy today and just wants to sleep. Looking back through the blog we saw that this chemo takes him down about the fourth day.

It was good while it lasted. We hope that the long break from his outpatient chemo and his returned appetite provided him with enough stamina to tackle these last few chemos before he is finished with treatment. It is too much to hope for no more blood or platelet transfusions but bouncing back quickly would do nicely.

Our weather woes continue and schools are closed again today. Last week local schools closed for 2 days due to the blizzard and now, over the weekend and into today another system is passing through so very s-l-o-w-l-y bringing ice pellets and freezing rain. It is a mess out there! Just an hour and a half west of us, where Kristen is at University, it is mostly snow but not on the coast.

photo from Pinterest

photo from Pinterest