Doesn’t it figure? Good thing there are two parents, one for each kid right now!

Mathew earned himself another stay in the hospital by spiking a fever on Saturday night. I stayed with him through the night in the ER and behaved myself. Mathew again had a room with no bathroom so I was very thankful he didn’t require a commode this time. A nurse did comment about the last time I was there so I guess someone recognized me. Thankfully it was a quiet, unremarkable night.

Mathew was admitted and moved up to the Oncology ward at 7 am. I pulled a cot into his room and napped on and off most of the day. Mathew was a little grumpy because he wanted me to sit beside him but I reminded him he dozed off and on all night on the ER bed while I watched over him. John came in yesterday evening and I went home to sleep.

Now today, Kristen’s 4 wisdom teeth are being pulled. She is going for the sedation which makes her legally impaired for 24 hours. I have an appointment with the surgeon right before she does (my consult to get my 6 teeth pulled…) and I’m paying for it so it makes sense I’d stay and watch over her today. I am glad there are only two kids in this family because there’s no parent left for a third one right now! My dental insurance will cover most of Kristen’s surgery but you have to pay up front. The pre-approval I sent in included the price tag of about $1,800 for today’s dental surgery. Definitely better to get it done while she’s covered under my dental plan!

Mathew developed diarrhea overnight and now a sample was submitted to test for C-difficile. He just can’t win can he? I am grateful that John was there because it is the one sample I balk at taking. All the years cleaning up after my dogs took its toll on my stomach which now turns over a lot easier.

I’ll update later. Maybe there will be interesting pictures after Kristen’s surgery…hmmm