Kristen’s teeth are out. Sadly she came out of sedation just fine and didn’t have any funny out-of-her-head experiences to record for YouTube. Besides, she is taking me to have MY teeth pulled next week so if I do something naughty, well she wouldn’t think twice about returning the favour! So far so good on the recovery with minimal discomfort. I hope it continues uneventful for her.

Mathew tested positive for C-Difficile. AGAIN. It is possible the IV antibiotics are the culprit along with his wiped out immune system. Is it just me or does it seem like every time he’s on these antibiotics he gets C-Diff? He started on Flagyll tonight ~ the medication to stop the bug in its tracks without blowing up Mathew’s intestines. Yeah, if you take an anti-diarrhea over-the-counter medication when the person actually has C-Diff you can cause your intestines to keep all the gas and expand until it explodes. Not a pretty picture, so actually something quite serious.

That damn G-tube is infected and it’s nasty. The Wound Specialist Nurse (wow, they actually have those!) came in this afternoon to see what else can be done to manage the site. She recommended a powder containing silver to keep the area dry and a diaper cream that seriously smells like the stuff our parents used on us as babies. The idea is to keep the area as dry as possible and to keep the oozing gunk off the skin because it burns the skin. The skin is bubbling up again and forming yellow blisters that then leak this gross yellow stuff. Mathew was in agony yesterday afternoon and morphine was prescribed to ease the pain. It worked. It seems funny in a way, that no sooner did we wean him off morphine then he had to go on it again.

The consensus is the tube will stay in place until after his next chemo cycle.  It is the one that makes him ill enough to stop eating. It will be a celebration the day it comes out!

There was a hint Mathew might go home tomorrow… although I have doubts. First the doctors like to see his infection under better control and second, Mathew needed his third platelet transfusion this evening. His count this morning was 13! His others counts are coming up slowly and his immune system is creeping back up too. I knew he was feeling better (thanks to the morphine) when I heard him singing the SpongeBob Square Pants song loud enough to be heard throughout the ward this afternoon. I was in the kitchen preparing him a snack when his warbling reached my ears. I rushed back to the room and closed the door so he could sing to just me. The room is completely lead-lined so it is quiet when the door is shut (it’s the radiation room) and there are very sick patients on the floor whom wanted rest and not to hear some creepy song about a sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea!

Have a good night everyone