Not a moment too soon either ~ we had our first warm and sunny day that finally felt like spring. The fact that it happened on May 8 is disconcerting as that is late for spring on the coast here.

Mathew did end up staying over on Wednesday night and was set free this morning. It was all carefully planned out; I was at work and left the truck in the driveway for Kristen. When the call came to go to the hospital to get them, Kristen set out.

Only to discover she didn’t have a key to the truck.


That meant I had to leave the office to go out into the beautiful day and get Mathew and John. It took over an hour to circle by the hospital to home and back to work. All that time out enjoying the light breeze and sun; that worked out quite well for me didn’t it? I promise it wasn’t planned that way! I was supposed to attend a luncheon with other ladies from my work and was disappointed to miss that. Soaking up the sun through the vehicle’s sunroof was a great consolation prize though.

The Infectious Disease Control people stopped by Mathew’s hospital room yesterday, to visit that old G-tube site. First the student came in, chatted and took pictures to take back to his boss. The boss looked at the pictures and deemed Mathew worthy of a visit so both of them returned a little later. The team believes that Mathew’s G-tube is contaminated and needs to come out. Since it isn’t coming out until after the next chemo round however, they issued a pre-emptive strike by giving us a prescription to fill out for Mathew to take as his blood counts start to fall. The hope is the antibiotics will prevent a serious flare-up again. Mathew was in a lot of pain again this evening and took morphine and Tylenol for some relief. He finally fell asleep after they took effect. God I hope we can avoid this from happening again.

The exhaustion from the home-work-hospital loop is overwhelming. It doesn’t hit as hard as spending consecutive days and nights at the hospital but still very tiring. I warned my supervisor that any cracking noises today was just my head hitting my desk! I could hardly keep my eyes open and napped as soon as I got home today… *sigh* I opened a window to breathe in fresh air so spring wouldn’t pass me by! It is all you can do to focus on the immediate needs during one of Mathew’s hospital stays; everything else falls to the side and piles up for later ~ after he is out and we can all gather at home. It will take a few good nights of sleep to recover from the hospital stay and I’m not even the patient.

Now that you are updated on events, this chick is off to bed!