No Chemo for Mathew today.

After an initial rise in his white cell counts and platelets (after 3 transfusions) his counts fell again…! The Leukocytes and Neutrophils are down to the infection concern area and the platelets were at 27 yesterday. As noted before, platelets must be at least 100 for chemo to proceed. This is discouraging as it is taking longer and longer for his platelets to recover now.

When Mathew’s platelets fall below 20 he is normally given a transfusion. Some hospitals only do transfusions if the counts fall below 10 but his Oncologist requests it below 20.

Since Mathew’s g-tube will remain in place until after the next round of chemo it is one we want him to have asap ~ we all want his tube OUT. He is receiving mediation around the clock to keep his infection in check and his site is looking good right now. If those dang white cell counts continue to fall then infection is invited back in.

Aside from that Mathew’s mood improved considerably once the infection died down and the pain lessened with that. His morphine intake is almost zero again which is a relief. He is up and about, going out and receiving visitors.

For him the only upside to delayed chemo is the chance to see the new Godzilla movie when it premiers later this week. He had his eye on its arrival over the last 2 years it was announced. Every new trailer we’ve watched many, many times as his excitement grows. He was initially devastated to learn his outpatient chemo was set for a few days before Godzilla opened… it’s a silver lining in a gloomy cloud. Remember it is critically important he receive his treatments as close to the schedule as possible for best chances of a cure.

Mother’s Day was perfect. Kiristen made fantastic waffles, with whipping cream and syrup on the side ~ and I ate it in bed! She jumped in and ate hers beside me and it was the nicest morning ever. John bought me a lobster for dinner and we had a Dairy Queen cake for dessert. Mathew and I watched our favourite shows and we all sat on the back deck in some warm, sunny weather! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Mathew was upset he didn’t get me anything in way of a gift, but I assured him he did just by being happy, pain-free and home with us. Having my children and husband with me is the best gift. EVER.

I called my Mother’s Day supper my “last meal”. I thoroughly enjoyed it knowing I went in on Monday for tooth extraction.

I had 6 teeth extracted…and no, I’m not entirely back to normal yet. This is the first time I have been conscious enough to sit up and read. The ibuprofen is hard on the stomach without food so I just ate. That is hard to do when your mouth is full of holes and stitches; all of my molars are now gone. I eat like a rabbit meaning I nibble using my front teeth only. Soft, mushy foods. It’ll be a couple of days before I can fully function again. I am woozy on my feet and fatigue hits me like I ran into a brick wall.

Just a short update to let you know what is going on right now. I took a few pictures of Mathew on Mother’s Day that I hope turn out excellent – he was enjoying himself immensely and once I’m up again I will upload the photos and see if I got any good ones.

Now, back to bed and rest.