Here I am, once again writing in the wee hours of the morning… *sigh*… how does time creep away so fast?

Mathew is recovering exceptionally well; it is AMAZING! This is day 12 of round 12 and he eats a couple of meals every day, drinks lots of water and hasn’t felt much nausea at all.

What the heck is going on??

Oh yes, his counts fell as per usual ~ in fact he received a bag of platelets on Friday as that count was a measly 15. His immune system is wiped out…yet, there he is humming, hanging out with his iPad mini. He even played a few games on his PS 4!

The only nasty thing going on is that stupid G-tube. Even though we started with the antibiotic, as prescribed from the infectious disease control folks, the site is getting nasty again. My fingers are crossed that the prescription will keep the worst of the infection at bay. On Monday I’m calling the Oncologist to start the process to have that g-tube taken out. YIPEE!!

That extra long break between chemos must have boosted Mathew’s recovery to such a level that he had some energy to fight the nastier effects he usually experiences. Boy was a wonderful surprise for all of, most of all him! He is taking a gravol here and there but that’s about it, besides Tylenol to combat the pain of the g-tube infection.

Mathew is tired though. He naps at least once a day but light, noise, tv on….it’s all good this time.


In other news, Kristen is started a summer job shortly…guess where? At my place! There was a need to temporarily fill a position and for speed, the job is being filled through a casual hiring. Someone thought of Kristen and she is available! After the summer I’m not sure who will fill the position in question. She isn’t working quite in my area; she’s up in the District Office on another floor. For the same department though and very nice pay! The staff up there are the nicest people and the job shouldn’t be stressful PLUS we can travel together, etc. What a stroke of good fortune that was for her, them and us!

It looks like a duck duo has some eggs hatching down by our dock. I haven’t seen the nest and the female blends in so well with the reeds she is impossible to spot unless she’s moving. The mallard sits on the dock all day just watching and keeping guard. Now there a beaver (we think…might be a muskrat) zooming around our cove and coming ashore too. We are keeping away from the area and ensuring the dogs keep up at the top of the yard. I hope the ducks have their ducklings soon and they paddle away before Jasmine discovers they are there.

My eyes are drooping shut as it’s 1 am, so I’m going off to slumber land. I wanted to update you all at how well Mathew is doing and we just hope he continues this awesome recovery.

I’ll be back soon!