What a happy day! Everything went right for once, from the weather to me being off unexpectedly (with pay) and Mathew’s tube coming out.

The best news by far is the tube was removed earlier today. Following a few phone calls back and forth to the Oncologist on Monday, Dr. Burnell scheduled the tube removal today. Although the appointment was set for 1:30 pm we showed up at 1 pm and for the first time ~ got in immediately! No one to two hour wait…just took him right in. The procedure was incredibly fast and mildly uncomfortable for Mathew but nothing like the pain of getting it inserted to begin with or the many infections since then. The nurses at Intervention cut the end of his tube then gently pulled it out.

That was it.


Mathew said the end part of tube turned black from stomach acid discolouring the tubing; the part hanging out of his side had turned yellow from bile staining it. The staff didn’t need to cut the stitch holding the tube in place because that was cut out roughly less than a week after it was inserted. His body rejected the stitch so it was cut out immediately and since then a special locking bandage held the tube in place. Over time the tube has inched its way out in spite of the bandage. Today it was gone in less than a minute.

Mathew was SO HAPPY as were the rest of us! John thought he might need an Ativan (Mathew, not him!) but he did not. As soon as they rolled him back out in his wheelchair Mathew wanted out of there! (sorry Jen, we only had one vehicle so I couldn`t come up to see you).

My place of employment shut down unexpectedly yesterday afternoon when a water main broke in the street behind our building. There is major construction taking place between now and September when the entire street and sidewalks are being ripped up and replaced. Old water pipes are being replaced, cobblestones will pave the road… the street itself is lined with heritage buildings and the city is upgrading the road and curb to beautify the area. The systems underneath the street are ancient and badly need replacing, which is happening with the construction. As with many major projects problems are already plaguing the planned schedule. The water main break yesterday might have bothered the construction company and probably the city but our building enjoyed some free time yesterday and again today.

We were offered the restrooms of a building a short block down the street… yeah, I can imagine the stampede down there with the front-runners being anyone with medical issues requiring urgent or frequent bathroom trips. No water is also a fire hazard because the water sprinklers won`t work in case of fire.

Today was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. It was a delightful little treat ~ so this is a special thank you to that construction crew that inadvertently caused the problem. We hope there are a few more problems over the next couple of months of work, *wink* *wink*.

After the hospital John, Mathew and I cruised the local mall where Mathew found a couple of wrestling figures he hasn’t seen for ages. He also found an Anime DVD never before seen in the stores here.

Another bit of good fortune fell in my lap unexpectedly when I went to work this morning. I was probably the only dummy who didn’t call in our emergency/bad weather hotline for building closure…so yes, I dressed and went to work only to find the building was closed! I had the chance to meet up with a young lady in the same predicament as myself; she has an excuse as she is a brand new employee who doesn’t know the ropes yet. No excuse for me except maybe an early morning drive on a beautiful day?? So, this young lady and I chatted a bit and it turns out she is a year ahead of Kristen in University and is going through the same program as Kristen is! She did an Honours programme her fourth year of University, wrote the GRE (entrance exam for a Master’s Degree) and is heading out west in the fall to begin her Master’s in Psychology! I don’t believe in fate but sure felt karma kick my butt today! She is working in the next office from Kristen and is looking forward to meeting her and telling her all about this last year from hell and perhaps helping Kristen navigate the exam and the thesis in her fourth year.

Geez… maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket today?

On that happy note, we’re all off to bed.

Good-night friends and thanks for stopping by.