Today was a big day; for Mathew finally got hooked back up to the internet at the hospital! The distance between the two floors (Oncology and Pediatrics) is a lot further apart than first thought because it took 4 days to get his internet privileges back! Hooking up the tv is proving harder although another call tonight assured us it will be hooked up first thing tomorrow afternoon.

Good thing too seeing that Mathew will be leaving Saturday night….

Not having internet access is the hardest thing for Mathew. He can do without all the other gadgets and do-hickeys that come along for the ride but he is most attached to cruising the web and watching his beloved Netflix. Tomorrow is the 4th day of chemo and it is historically when he slows down and sleeps more but this time might be different. He’s been singing and hopping around enough to alarm one nurse until I reassured her the noises coming from the bathroom were his happy ones.

Mathew’s oncologist stayed around to watch Mathew eat his dinner. After him refusing to eat for so long she couldn’t believe his healthy appetite and how quickly he tucked into his meal today.  She hasn’t seen him eat for a while and I laughed when he about stabbed her with his plastic fork when she took a small bit of a mozzarella stick to try! For her, the change in Mathew from when he first became her patient last summer to now is dramatic. He couldn’t walk or stand last summer and was crying and shrieking in agony from the pain before the morphine was prescribed…after which, he was dulled a bit by the high level of painkiller needed for him to get some pain relief. Then she watched him lose 60 lbs and become so ill a feeding tube was inserted through his stomach. Now, at the end of treatment she finally sees the person we knew before that wretched cancer took over his life.

We can see the finish line but boy this last week of inpatient hospital stay is hard. The fold out chair is much better than sleeping upright in a chair however our older bones ache from the dips and bulges in the worn cushions. I forgot to ask John how the foam on top of the bed did but he wasn’t able to fall asleep until after 1 am….so, probably didn’t make much of a difference. Mathew is now doing the frequent bathroom runs 24 hours a day so sleep is a precious commodity.

Mathew started on Lasix on Wednesday. His body is retaining fluids from the chemo so daily now he gets it in the afternoon. That hurries along the frequency of bathroom trips for a solid hour or two as the medication flushes everything out. Mathew isn’t feeling nauseous at all so far this cycle either. It’s weird that the last two cycles/treatments are his best ones yet. You’d expect them to be his worst but he always does do things differently.

He is so excited about our trip to Toronto at the end of August. He checks the FanExpo website daily for updates on guests expected to attend and informs me of all the latest news. He is thrilled about the medieval dinner which has jousting going on while we eat with our fingers (the norm for him so he’ll fit right in!) and is also looking forward to the aquarium we plan to visit.

More on all that later. I’ve got 2 dogs and a cat looking at me pie-eyed for either another jaunt outdoors or some more treats. It’s late (as always on these hospital nights) and I am off to bed.