Our internet was down too but has since returned. The winds finally died down early this morning and it is a very pleasant day outside. Once again there are numerous downed trees and wires which is making life crappy. John ran out first thing this morning to get another, smaller, generator. I think he got the last one in Saint John. He also had to buy the better gas there as Quispamsis was out.

There are a few boats that got loose from their moorings overnight and they sustained major damage. Chainsaws have been busy since dawn broke to clear roads, etc. Someone out walking by our house this morning said the trees uprooted badly because the leaves soaked up the water and made them susceptible to the high winds. There was a lot of flooding but a lot of that has receded.

Our generator is running our fridge and deep freeze but we are still without running water. It is strange how nice it is outside but how crippled we are by the storm.

I’m not sure when I will be on here again; it depends on when our electricity is hooked up to the generator. I wonder if my work will be open tomorrow….I’ll be going to my in-laws for a shower later.

Our phones are down still but our cellphones are good.

Take care everyone.

This wasn’t how I wanted to spend my weekend….how about you? (Except for you Norma with your unexpected guests, you are happy!)