Four days without power dragged on for a looong time.

It just came on this afternoon. *whew*

We are frazzled not only by that but that Mathew scratched his eyeball somehow this morning and woke up screaming bloody murder. He fell back asleep after a short while only to repeat it a while later. John got him into the optometrist and discovered Mathew somehow scratched the cornea of his right eye. Poor guy he just never catches a break!

A little later this afternoon John called me at work to tell me someone just brought Jasmine home. Jasmine is our dog. Somehow she got out today which she has NEVER done before and took herself for a walk down the road. Now, she shakes and always has ~ just a bit more with advancing age. Someone took pity on her when they spotted her down at the beach shivering (so it seemed). She went from there to a riding stable somewhere; not exactly sure where that was, but anyway a lady there recognized her! Jasmine doesn’t wear a collar in the house and we don’t take her far from home. Somehow this lady recognized our dog and knew where she lived! So Jasmine got such a grand car ride home she didn’t want to get out once they got to our house. Those girls must have been spoiled her with hugs and pets!

We figure Jasmine took herself out for a walk. She’s a smart cookie and would have walked back home but with the fog and her being a black dog, I am grateful someone looked after her. The funny upside to this happened when my sister-in-law called me and mentioned that two of her kids were sure they had seen a picture of Jasmine on Facebook… she assured them it wasn’t Jasmine but Ella and Jack insisted and Wendy was sure it wasn’t. I laughed when she told me and related Jasmine’s adventures today and that yes it probably was Jasmine.

A big thank you goes to my mother-in-law who so kindly made some meals for us during the power outage. John’s parents also let us in to take showers, do laundry and take lots and lots of water back to our house. Between them and the lake in our backyard we had the water we needed to get through.

I will come back to the blog in a few days but right now we are sleep deprived; the house is very quiet without power and that made it difficult to fall asleep. The upside of the blackness outside at night was the glowing fireflies. Without any man made lights to interfere and light up the night, those little light bugs were beautiful to see and watch.

Given the depth of the power outages both now and during the ice storm over Christmas…it is time to do something about those trees along the power lines. We lost our power when a tree up the hill fell over on the power lines and pulled them down. That was pretty much the problem everywhere. When it becomes a day plus issue all over the province or provinces… then as beautiful and as old as those trees are, they need to come down. People who lost power for 8 days over Christmas in the cold are now facing their fifth day without power now. If you are lucky enough to have a generator (like us) we saved the food in our fridge and freezer but it would have been unbearable if the predicted heat had hit us here. The fog cast its net far enough to keep our area cooled down.

My heart goes out to those still without power. I know what you are going through and I hope you get back on the grid asap. The teams are working hard to get everyone hooked back up.

Till later then! Good-night.