Guess who might have engineered our power being reconnected earlier than planned?


When Extra Mural (home care nurses) came to our house on Thursday to draw Mathew’s blood, the nurse told John a little story. Apparently NB Power had called them (Extra Mural) to find out what patients were in the affected blackout areas. The staff let the power company know they had a patient here without power…and that was you-know-who.

Next thing you know we had power. That explains why the other street didn’t get theirs back until yesterday or today. Truthfully I was worried about keeping conditions sanitary and somewhat sterile so that Mathew would not get sick. Even making sure our hands were clean enough was a task.

Earlier today I overheard an NB Power crew discussing the last two individual homes without power in our immediate area. The dogs were out doing their business when a couple of crews pulled up on the road in front of our house and hollered back and forth over where the two lonely powerless homes were. It sounded like they would be connected today.

As for us ~ Mathew has THE FORCE on his side!!

Getting your power back is exhilarating. After I got home and discovered the power was indeed on I hugged my appliances! I let water trickle through my hands unfettered and splashed my face with clean, running water! I drank glassfuls of water *gasp* straight out of the tap! The bathroom was scrubbed clean of all the dirt from the lake water. And yes, we even watched tv. There are no secret cave dwellers within these walls! We like our modern conveniences thank you very much.

Once our power came back on the fog retreated as if on cue. The temperatures soared and our air exchanger did a fabulous job cooling down the house. The timing was impeccable and must have been more of Mathew’s mojo kicking in!

Mathew’s eye recheck on Friday revealed the scratch on his cornea isn’t healing as fast as the Optometrist expected it to. So another appointment is scheduled in a week but if Mathew’s blood counts rise then it is probable that will facilitate recovery. As of Friday (when we got Thursday’s blood work results back) Mathew’s immune system hasn’t come up much and his platelets and hemoglobin are still quite low. There comes a point in his recovery when all of a sudden his levels spike upwards but that might not happen for another week or so. Until then his eye might not heal as quickly as it normally would.

This last week wiped out whatever reserves we had left. Our nerves are frayed and some down time on the back deck would come in handy right now. That leisure time has to wait until the new gazebo goes up (tomorrow…er, today). Arthur, that nasty storm, tore holes in the old canopy and there was no replacement canopy for the frame…even though it is only a couple years old. Yeah, that’s another trick these companies have to take more of your money; switch designs every year so new coverings won’t match previous years’ framework. Aggravating and a lot of wasted metal. If the weather is good the new shade will be installed tomorrow and the settling of nerves will begin. It also helps that my sister-in-law so graciously left that extra bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade here to help me relax. I can already picture tomorrow’s relaxation and it’s going to be good (thanks Denise!)

I have a few pictures taken recently to reward you for coming back to read my blog.

This first photo shows our Korean Dwarf Lilac tree in bloom. For the short time it bloomed the lilac scent floated out around us, giving us something wonderful to smell on our way in or out of the house. The wet street is not from post-tropical storm Arthur by the way ~ with the gale force winds and torrential downpour, do you really think there would still be lilac blossoms on the tree?!

Lilac tree
One recent day while sitting at our dining room table we became aware of little spies sitting on the tree outside our dining room window. To document this invasion of privacy we stealthily grabbed the camera and snapped a photo before the peeping toms could get away.
Inquisitive doves
They almost look guilty, don’t they?
Inquisitive doves (2)
I don’t know what was special about this day but about 4 of these doves settled on the tree branches to gaze at us. I can’t remember what we were eating for that meal… Maybe they wanted some leftovers…or were wondering where old Uncle Fred went? Ha ha ha, just kidding little doves. We eat chicken in this house ~ although those doves were rather plump. Might want to start working out a bit guys, so you are lean and mean and not looking tasty to a certain cat that lives here…

No power or running water for 1-1/2 days, a son with cancer, and finding out it is your 29th wedding anniversary can do this to a guy:
Two days no power
Seriously though it was exhausting. This was during one of Mathew’s difficult chemo recoveries and it was no fun for anyone. John had set up the generators, fetched buckets of water for the toilet, stayed up with Mathew and this was only day 2-ish of no power or running water. That’s old Bosco sitting in front of him, he’s quite an elderly gentleman~dog now. The cat you can barely see, creeping up on John, is Spook and he is over 14 years old. He’s found the fountain of youth and I want some of it! There is not a grey hair anywhere on that cat.

This is the tree limb that fell on the utility wires during Arthur that caused our no-power grief. One semi-itty-bitty branch that took out our street’s power for four days.
Broken tree limb
This is the vehicle that the utility line fell on. The fire department came by and told the family to evacuate as it was too unsafe to stay there. The firemen stayed until the affected families were gone (I think there was more than one house that had to leave due to the power lines on their properties). The wires stayed right where they were until the NB Power crews pulled up on Wednesday morning to put us back on the grid.
Wire on vehicle

A few days before the storm came through I snapped this picture of John enjoying our dock. It looks so peaceful there without any wind and the fish jumping at dusk. It looks heavenly doesn’t it? It was… but is not anymore:
Evening at the dock
The mosquitoes have landed!

The mosquitoes have landed!

With all the wet weather from the spring and early summer there are hoards of mosquitoes waiting to descent on any warm-bodied being that dares venture out after dark. Now if you want to enjoy the dock you must either douse yourself in a spray containing DEET or cover up like it is winter.

When I uploaded these next photos to the computer they puzzled me at first. There is always a reason I take a photo and I did take these…but these stumped me for a bit. There were about 6 similar shots and I had to scan back and forth to figure out what the heck was going on. It was only when I looked at the last photo posted below that I saw the reason for the pictures. I’m just a sharp-witted keen memory keeper aren’t I?

Can you spot the reason for the photo?

No? Well I enlarged one of the photos so you can see what all the fuss was about:
Guess what that is?

It’s a beaver!

There’s a beaver back in town, or should I say back at the dam, and he/she is making its rounds on the lake. It is unusual for the beaver to be up on the walkway in daylight but probably because it was flooded it felt like it was still partially in the water. I’m not sure what is was looking for but after a short time it hopped into the water and continued its journey.

Good bye little beaver!

Don’t come on shore again please…we’ve got a dog that wants to get you and we like watching you go about your business in the lake. And little beaver? There’s no trees left on our property for you to chew down. We have the cove where the ducks like to hang out (there are two on the raft in this photo) but that’s it. For more wood to upscale your home try most of the other properties. Don’t bother looking for your favourite, the Willow tree though, because your parents and grandparents already took off with all of them.

Good luck and see you around!