Test #1 is done and it is good news!

The CT scan of Mathew’s lungs is clear. That means there is nothing in his lungs!

Next up will be the PET scan in a couple of weeks. That test will show whether or not Mathew’s tumour is still active or not.

It was such wonderful relief to get the CT scan results.


Mathew is continuing to recover from treatment. He is much more active and definitely happier. He took his first shower by himself, something he hasn’t been able to do for well over a year. He can also have baths again now that the g-tube opening has healed over. His appetite returned and so did his interest in old hobbies. He has visited his work more frequently and gets out visiting family and our local shopping mall.

Learning to pace oneself is difficult however and yesterday was a prime example of what happens when you don’t. After three or four days of steady outings and short walking expeditions, Mathew crashed and burned yesterday. He woke up terribly cranky and in a bad temper. Before I left for work we visited a little bit and I explained that his body was telling him he overdid it. It was hard for him to deal with because he also had plans for yesterday that had to be cancelled. Mathew was so exhausted he cried during our conversation. I don’t know how long it takes a body to recover from a strenuous regime of chemotherapy but geez, he received 5 different drugs over the last 9 months plus the 5-1/2 weeks of radiation. He lost so much weight a g-tube was inserted so he could be fed liquid nutrition. That HAS to take its toll on a person!

So, yesterday was all about rest. Mathew fell back asleep and relaxed the rest of the day. He understood later on, after the nap, just how worn out he was. He just wants his old life back now and it’s rough when there is still more work to be done. He is taking little walks now, frequently, to build up his strength and stamina. Remember he wasn’t able to walk for months because of the tumour pressing on the nerve to his left leg….and the excruciating pain he was in. Then by the time the pain abated once the tumour shrank, the effects of chemo left him too exhausted to walk anywhere. Now he is taking baby steps to rebuild himself.

I have been busy between work and home plus one more thing. During Mathew’s many hospital stays we made a friend on the Oncology floor. She is another patient undergoing cancer treatment. Unfortunately traditional chemotherapy didn’t help her situation and so she was enrolled for a stem cell transplant. She is from out-of-town which makes it difficult for her family and friends to visit. We got to know each other over the months and frequently visited each other’s rooms.

This woman’s stem cell transplant went smoothly just over a week ago. It is a scary process and I spent quite a bit of time with her during the first critical days. There was one hiccup when her blood pressure dropped suddenly and she was moved into ICU for the night as a precautionary measure. Other than that it continues to go as planned. Right now it is a matter of her stem cells grafting to her and her blood work counts coming up. Once they are at a certain level then she will be released from the hospital to continue recovery at home. She will be cured of cancer.

I’m still here but busy. I will try to get on again over the weekend.