Effective as of 2 days ago, Mathew no longer requires his blood work to be done twice a week.

Another step to the path of being finished with the cancer treatment!

The blood counts were up enough the last test that the medical staff qualified him to quit the frequent testing. His hemoglobin and platelets were just over 100, the first time in months they rose that high. Of course being on treatment they never had the chance to regenerate to those levels. Yesterday was the first day of no testing and the transition was so smooth Mathew completely forgot about it.

Mathew continues to do very well. He is making small steps towards independence by walking a little bit more and being more active outside the home. He gets exhausted quickly though and still spends a lot of time recovering. Yesterday he napped in the morning, went to see a movie in the afternoon then visited his Nana and Poppa, and was asleep for the night well before 8:30 pm. I’m not sure what time he fell asleep because I was out long before he was!

Coming up is a long weekend for us Canadian folk. Depending on Mathew’s energy level there are a few events on the horizon. There’s a new movie coming out to see, the Farmer’s market to attend and perhaps even a short day trip across the border to Calais, Maine on Monday. Next week Mathew and his Dad are heading up to Fredericton to see the “Drop Kick Murphies” in concert and next Saturday is his long-delayed birthday party.

The weather forecast sounds decent so far; sun and clouds with a slight chance of rain. That would be a welcome relief from fog. I love the weather on the coast and also the fog, but it is cutting into nice summer weather! Inland it is hot and sunny but by the coast the sun doesn’t get through the fog this year. In fact, that is either fog or rain drifting by the window as I write this.

Happy weekend to all of you, long weekend or not.

I’d also like to send out our thoughts and best wishes to a young man in the US, who just underwent a second operation on his arm. Mike Judge is a man Mathew’s age, who was diagnosed and treated for Ewing’s Sarcoma a few weeks ahead of Mathew. His cancer manifested in his arm and late last year the infected bone was removed and replaced with a cadaver bone. It isn’t growing so this second surgery was taking some bone scrapings from his hip and inserting it in the arm between the cadaver bone and his humerus bone fragments to jump start new bone growth. He is starting back at University in the fall and needs to heal quickly. His blog, “Mike Judge vs Ewing’s Sarcoma” is a well-written blog detailing his journey through this awful cancer. We’re rooting for you Mike!