Another quick post…sorry guys, but it is 1:30 am and I need my beauty sleep (just ask John)!

I am supposed to be packing for Toronto but it just isn’t going the way I planned. Something is always distracting me and the push to do it gets lost in the shuffle as I move on to something else.

It is probably anxiety too, or maybe just knowing we’ll throw it all together tomorrow and Monday. After a year of packing up Mathew for his many hospital stays it isn’t difficult to figure out a week’s worth of clothes, etc. We pre-purchased tickets for all the events/touristy places we want to go to so we know what we are doing and when. The hardest part for me is leaving. Once I’m on the plane I’ll be fine. Well, ok just partially fine. After all those stories in the newspapers lately about flights coming down when they aren’t supposed to (including 2 from New Brunswick) my feet are happiest on terra firma.

Mathew is so excited it is almost as bad as Christmas. For those of you who know Mathew and Christmas, that is a nightmare for us! I figure a bit of hustle and bustle the last day or so will keep us all busy. Kristen has an extra load however as she also has to pack for University. Remember she moves back the following morning after our return from Toronto.

The dogs are going to the kennel tomorrow and that is the hardest part. I feel like such a louse for leaving them there although they are well taken care of and I have no worries about the kennel (Ann Savoy Kennels, if anyone wants to know). It’s just that they are both old and they give me those darn puppy eyes that give me the sorrowful look of “you are leaving us again??” The cat gets to stay in the house as some little cute niece of ours is looking after him. His abscess on his back is healing nicely and won’t be any problems for her (or her mother, Wendy. I promise!!).

I hope to take plenty of pictures and start blogging when I get back. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a post in while we are there but I just want to get away from everything for a few days and just concentrate on enjoying the time. We aren’t back to our old normal yet and the exhaustion and just soul-draining business of the last year still weighs heavily on us all. A nice, little break from reality will do us good. We are taking the wheelchair for Mathew however, as he hasn’t gained back his old stamina. I don’t want something simple like being too tired to walk stopping us! Mathew’s got plans for our time in Toronto and we’ve got things to see and places to go.

This will be it for a couple of days at least then, or until we return and Kristen goes back to university/John goes back to work/Mathew gets his wisdom teeth out. That all happens with 48 hours of our return from the trip….so…. might be silent for a day or so then while we all dash about.

Looking forward to the fall when life should settle into a regular routine. Oh how much do I want that! Just everyday normal living… work, play, etc.

I love my white-picket fence life and I want it back!!