Hi everyone,

We’re baaaaaaaaaack!

It was a great week and Mathew loved it all. There are pictures to share and stories to tell.

That won’t be this post though because we are just finishing up the crazy end of summer. Remember how I said life would be chaotic when we returned from Toronto? Yeah, we are still finishing up that.

We flew home on Sunday evening, unpacked from the trip then immediately packed the car for Kristen’s return to university.

Monday (Labour Day) morning John drove Kristen back to university and her new dorm PLUS the 3 flights of stairs to her new room. There was no room for me in the car and you can imagine I was devastated, eh? There was no way I could move fridges and microwaves up all those stairs!

Today Mathew will get his wisdom teeth out if all goes well. John started back to work today, 1/2 days for the next 2 weeks. I’m still recovering from Toronto. Haven’t walked that much in freakin’ years ~ and me, being the brilliant gal I am, didn’t bring sneakers or walking shoes, so my feet took a beating in my sandals. Age does not necessarily equate to wisdom in some people.

Anyhoo Mathew already has 1 Ativan in his system and so far so good. Of all the crap he’s endured the last year this is the easiest… so long as he doesn’t react tot he sedative. It is a little worrisome because he had a violent reaction to a sedative when he was 4 and being mentally handicapped also lends to adverse reactions (so I’m told). If there is any sign of trouble the dental surgeon will stop the procedure and book time in the OR at the local hospital; of which he gets very little time. I so hope today goes off without a hitch. The teeth are hurting him a lot and the impacted one in particular.

After this is done then we should be settling back into our old but “new” life, post-cancer. Yipee! I cannot wait!


…and for all your patience, here are a couple of photos from the trip:

DSC_0080 DSC_0118 DSC_0152 DSC_0159