*Whew* It is finally done! Those 4 wicked teeth are out of Mathew’s mouth and gone forever.

What a relief.

The sedation went well and the extractions took a relatively short period of time. John and I sat in the waiting room and listened apprehensively for any sign that things weren’t going well but that never happened!

Instead we heard the nurse telling Mathew not to talk and to take steps and not shuffle. We could hear his sneakers shuffling along the floor along the far hallway. After a few minutes we were ushered in to the recovery area. Seems my kids are similar in that neither one of them wanted to sit quietly while recovering. Mathew was ticked off he wasn’t allowed to talk and made frequent use of his iPad mini to communicate. Who knew he could type so fast and eloquently? After several minutes of expressing himself in typecast, Mathew clicked on the video of him trying different foods in Toronto.

Now, when I get my teeth pulled I get the same sedation of my kids…maybe more, given my current weight (which shall not be revealed!). After I get home I conk out for several, grateful hours of sleep. Not my kids. Kristen was pumped for the day, watching favourite tv shows and spoon-feeding herself smoothies. Mathew was also wired and ready to go. We ran into some trouble when fear of eating overtook him and he refused medication and food for a while. Eventually he was coaxed into some bread and butter and milk, followed by ice-cream and Easy-Mac. Given he’d had nothing for 24 hours but a few sips of water his crankiness was sure killing the joyful mood but once he realized he could eat slowly and not hurt himself, he was happy.

In fact, that Energizer Bunny didn’t hit the pillow until close to 2am! He woke up about the same time this afternoon, when John was here. I drove up to Fredericton to finish shopping for university for Kristen.. We could have used some of Mathew’s superpowers because we resembled zombies staggering through several stores looking for snacks and odd items like safety pins. Safety pins are great for hanging curtains or keeping mattress covers on mattresses.

I am still very tired, so will sign off here.