I didn’t expect to be away from the blog for this long but the days speed by and before you know it…weeks have passed.

Mathew’s gums are bothering him still but not as much as they were. Those early days were relatively pain-free but then as the healing started Mathew needed daily ibuprofen to dull the pain. On top of that he caught a cold somewhere; one of those nasty phlegmy chest colds that grosses you out. That made for a cranky fellow who wanted a lot of attention.

John also caught said cold and it is mostly gone except for a few mild symptoms that linger on.

So far I am cold-free and my fingers stay crossed while I constantly wash my hands.

Shortly after Mathew’s teeth were pulled I felt like we got hit with delayed jet-lag. That probably isn’t the correct term but that’s what it felt like. I barely had energy to do anything beyond the necessities of daily living. The cumulative effects of the last year and a half plus that marathon of activities at summer’s end wiped out whatever reserves I already didn’t have. So I spent some time just….being…and trying not to do much.

Last week was the surgeon’s appointment, supposedly to close up Mathew’s file. Imagine our surprise then, when the doctor assumed we were there to discuss when Mathew should have that back surgery I talked about last year!!! The doctor did have a sound point, and after showing us the most recent CT scans, I agree with his thinking. There is still something in Mathew’s back; scarring perhaps, residual tumour ~ dead or alive…without a biopsy, who can know for sure exactly what it is. The surgeon said that it needs to be removed and examined by pathology for 100% certainty in knowing what it is. If by chance there are cancer cells still lurking in there somewhere then the Ewing’s Sarcoma can return.

So the surgeon plans to talk to the Oncologist and maybe then we’ll have a clearer picture of the next step.

Mathew returned to work 1/2 days last week and for full days this week, on his old schedule of Mon-Wed-Fri. On Monday his group went for a very short walk however Mathew have great difficulty. So much so that the rest of the group went ahead and the leader stayed to walk at Mathew’s very slow pace. His back hurt him badly during the walk and for hours afterwards and he was out of breath long before the walk finished. Part of that might be due to the chest cold but nonetheless, it was a very real reminder that Mathew isn’t back to his old self just yet.

We decided he won’t go on walks at work for a while and we are off to the family doctor shortly to discuss rehabilitation.

I have definitely NOT forgotten Toronto pictures either. I requested the other three to send me their phone photos but so far no one has been kind enough to do so. I’ve given up and plan to just post the ones I took, which is a shame because having everyone’s perspective would have added a nice touch to the trip.

This is the first week we are experiencing the new “old normal”. I am soaking it in and loving it.