Life has a way of messing up one’s plans, doesn’t it? Here I was hoping to get a Toronto post up here complete with pictures but it hasn’t happened yet.

Mathew’s surgeon recommends surgery and Mathew learned of this last week during a family doctor’s visit. It is easy for Mathew to understand what our family doctor says as he is good at translating medical jargon into plain layman’s English. To say Mathew wasn’t happy to hear about surgery is a big understatement.

His mood darkened and became erratic over the next 2-3 days. It was exhausting keeping up with him and felt like much like the old days before he started on medication to calm down his mood swings. In his defense, Mathew feels overwhelmed and believed that everything was behind him. Now he knows differently.

We don’t know when this will be scheduled but probably not for a few months, probably more. The wait for surgical procedures here in New Brunswick (and Canada) is really much too long. If you come in as a trauma patient service is immediate but otherwise you are looking at months or years, even. It is a bone of contention here in Canada because lives remain in limbo ~ and some are lost ~ due to the backlog. There is no quick fix in sight; the Province of Alberta tried to go to a two-tier system; public and private but I’m not sure how well that went or if it is still underway. The main argument was that the system would again mean those with the means to pay would get faster treatment – the private plans are paid by the patient and not the government. But here in New Brunswick there is no dual system like that.

A lot of time was spent with Mathew over the last week then, walking him through the initial emotions of hearing he will have a big, scary operation. He is in the best hands’ ~ a surgeon who specializes in back surgery ~ so that is not a concern. Like Mathew though, I wouldn’t like the thought of someone cutting my back open and replacing a vertebrae or two.

Mathew’s back is also causing him a lot more pain. Over the weekend the wheelchair came with us as an option available to Mathew if he needed it. It turns out it was a great idea; when he tires out or his back starts to hurt he rests in the chair and that gives him more stamina to enjoy himself longer. It also keeps his back from hurting him too much.

Today, after giving him his backpack for work, I went out and purchased a backpack with wheels and a handle. His bag is heavy once water, lunch, drawing supplies, and his books are in there. Swinging the bag up and unto his shoulder isn’t going to help the situation at all!

I started to decorate outside for fall and plan to move indoors too. I didn’t have time and didn’t care last year so it is such an enjoyable pastime this year. The weather is great so far and the fall offerings are laid out in stores for suckers like me to pounce on!

I haven’t forgotten about our trip though and will work on it in bits and bytes. There are some great pictures I want to get on here!

Before I forget, Mathew’s sleep cycle is off and so I end up spending weird times with him. He does get moodier than usual ~ aside from the surgery thing ~ and isn’t sure he wants friends in the house just yet. It is likely he tires quickly and that makes him cranky although he may not realize it.

I was actually getting upset with Mathew this morning, trying to juggle the breakfast/lunch routine while shoving him through the shower and out the door in a timely fashion. I stopped and smacked my head to remember that this time last year I didn’t know if we would ever be in this scenario again and really, why get upset if I’m late for work because he’s stuck in the bathroom? I can make the time up; we can enjoy the car ride to work and WE ARE BACK LIVING LIFE!