Mathew officially had the pelvic and lung CT scans last Thursday.

I am delighted to report his scans are clear! Three months after treatment and things are looking good.

Next up will be the spinal surgery. Dr. Burnell (Mathew’s oncologist) consulted with her peers in British Columbia and the agreed upon direction was to proceed with surgery and remove the tumour if the side effects are acceptable. The only side effect I am presently aware of is possible damage to the nerve running down Mathew’s thigh. That would result in minor weakness which won’t be a problem.

Once the remaining tumour is removed then it will be examined by the pathologist. Ideally it will be 100% dead but the radiology-oncologist today figured we’d get the test results within two weeks. She’s not sure who will give us the results which is frustrating. Once one thing gets cleared up then other items get vague….*sigh*

Dr. Burnell told us today that once chemo treatment is finished and the final round has gone through his system, it takes about a year for the patient’s energy levels to get back up to normal. It was a relief to hear because Mathew needs naps following his mornings at work. The pain in his back isn’t helping him get up and around but he isn’t using the wheelchair anymore. He is getting around very well and once he’s tired out we set out for home.

Our weather has been slightly fall typical…but a lot of warm days are creeping in and It is getting dark earlier but the warm days feel like such a bonus. I could get used to that all year round! Halloween was the best in years weather-wise; it was warm and only a sweater was needed. Only 15-20 kids came by which disappointed Mathew and me. We shut down early and watched a movie and of course ate the leftover candy.

The dogs are still taking turns crapping in the house. The cat yodels and yowls and continues to scratch the wood off the door trim.

In other words, we are moseying along until we get a definitive word on the surgery date. Today’s scan results was the last factor delaying it from my side.

Oddly enough I wasn’t concerned about today’s scans as I was confident they would be fine. John was a wreck again and Mathew gets stressed once he sees the hospital. Walking through those doors reminds him of the last year and his impending surgery. We are just a fun group while waiting for test results!! Mathew wouldn’t talk to Dr. Burnell again, instead concentrating on his iPad mini. Once she left the office with her medical-student (who doesn’t look old enough to drive a car let alone be in medical school!!!) Mathew got chatty with John and I and started singing. We left the office door open to keep it cool in there and the many people who took care of Mathew over the year smiled as they walked by and saw him with a head full of hair and singing away. We hugged Dr. Burnell today; she deserves it. I’d hug all the nurses too if they were there. It was a tough, tough year and while our journey is great right now, those health care professionals keep right on taking care of all those other patients. Dr. Burnell has the burden and responsibility of making medical decisions to save lives or to do the best she can while the nurses take daily intensive care of their patients. Let us also remember all the other departments and staff who work in the background that we don’t recognize enough.

Mathew finally had his first haircut last week. He was rather scraggily looking with wisps of hair growing in uneven lengths. The hair stylists hadn’t seen Mathew for so long so I filled them in while Mathew’s hair was cut and shaped. He looks handsome now ~ and the hospital staff noted it was sooo long since they saw him with any hair at all…or colour in his cheeks.

Yes indeed. It was a great day.