Yikes, where have I been? You must be wondering.

Sorry ~ December was hectic and then I lost my profile on our new computer. By that I mean email, all my internet-saved sites, photos, etc. Eventually I will get those things back but until then I feel curiously adrift when on the computer with all my familiar places gone. It happened when I tried to synch my iPad with my computer profile – it was hubby’s suggestion that I try it… because, geez, I couldn’t hurt anything could I? A month later here I am…

Here is a condensed version of the last month or so, until I can get my sh*t together and get back here on a regular basis:

1.  In early December I took a much-needed weekend away with the Mother-and-Sisters’ in Laws to Nova Scotia

2.  We saw a second surgeon regarding Mathew’s back surgery

3.  Kristen came home for Christmas

4.  Our good friend, whom we met at the Oncology ward in the hospital, passed away

5.  We saw a physio doctor regarding Mathew’s back surgery

6.  We celebrated Christmas, saddened by the loss of our friend

7.  We attended a Celebration of Life for our friend

8. We had a quiet New Year’s.

I will catch you up on all of that. In between was all that fuss and rush that accompanies Christmas. It was overall much better than last year, when Mathew just slept in bed and didn’t care about anything, not even his gifts.

Mathew has not had his back surgery yet and we still have some more meetings to attend before our decision is made. New information came to light, indicating that side effects from an En Bloc Resection may be more than we are willing to risk for Mathew.

All of those subjects above deserve a post of their own and so that is how I will present them.

Thanks for hanging in during the chaos (again)! I still have to post the rest of our Toronto trip…just need those darned pictures back!