Well we smashed that 52 year old snow record, by at least 50 cm at last count. It is simply ridiculous the amount of snow on the ground and piling up. When I get a block of time I will upload a few photos I took of Kristen playing Queen of the snowpile.

Our white Mazda SUV was traded at the dealer’s for a gray Mazda 3. It isn’t as high as the truck or the SUV and it is the first time in years and years we’ve had a trunk instead of a hatchback! John is already missing heated mirrors and is looking into purchasing some for his car. He wanted to put the car into the garage but I nixed that one ~ his mustang is in the other bay and the second bay is mine! I might sound greedy but age has its privileges (ha ha). John did get his mustang as well, on one of our few clear days ~ last Saturday. He went up to Fredericton to get it and drove it home. We took it for a spin around the block before it was parked in the garage to wait for spring. The last few years one could see spring by this time but latest word is that it will be cold until the end of April at least. We’ll know the winter finally got to him if I spot him in the convertible with the roof down while still in the garage…drinking a beer…

So far this week alone there has been 2 snow days for the schools. Key Industries closes when the schools close and by coincidence they occurred on Monday and Wednesday which are the same days Mathew goes to his work. It is turning into a long week for him!

Yesterday I took him to St. Joe’s hospital to get his chest port flushed. We were recently told the port can go up to 6 weeks between flushings and that spreads it out a bit. As I am completely out of any type of vacation/holidays until April 1st there shouldn’t be anything else I have to take time off for. I hope. The nurse did an excellent job flushing the line this time and she was done within a minute or so. Sometimes the port moves under Mathew’s skin and the 3 dots can’t be felt to line up the needle properly. Then it can take a few pokes to get it in the proper channel. There’s been only 1 or 2 instances when the channel was missed altogether so when the saline was pushed in it ended up under his skin. It stings like heck and then poor Mathew isn’t keen on having it poked yet again. How long will we keep the port in? I believe it can be kept in for up to 5 years so long as it is flushed on schedule and no infections set in. Since the port itself is under the skin it isn’t laid outside the body to pick up dirt or germs. Sometimes things get ugly under the skin and then it has to be removed. If all continues to go well with Mathew’s scan then perhaps after the 1 year or 2 year mark it’ll be removed. It is much easier just to flush it then to have it taken out then put back in later.

We went to see “Cinderella” over the weekend, Mathew and his friend and I. It was a better redo of an old classic and one I could sit through without wanting it to end. Mathew swears it is an exact replica of the original cartoon movie but I definitely saw some updated ideas and styles. Still a bit corny though and it wouldn’t occupy a 4 year old for long. Older girls would definitely enjoy it especially if they are into those fairy tales.

As for us older folk it is all about the snowblowing and shovelling. It helps that misery has company and we are all complaining about the same thing. It takes time to clean everything off and keep the driveway and walkways clear. On Monday I walked in the streets themselves as the sidewalks in the city weren’t cleared until Tuesday. There is a high school 3 buildings down from where I work and it is nasty treading carefully in the street only to have some of those kids speed by in a car. They really don’t understand that the need for speed can and will cause a lifetime of grief if an accident happens. Assholes.

Spring rolls around tomorrow night, officially. It’s nothing we’re going to notice in this area. The days are getting longer and I’m doing various sun dances to keep the sun out and maybe melt some of this stuff. It sure is a LOT of snow to melt this year. More than in the past 52 years. Next up: spring flooding…