The good news is that Mathew’s tumour looks exactly like it did in the last scan from 2 months ago. Although he wasn’t due for an abdominal scan we asked the Oncologist for one because of Mathew’s back pain. Everything looks like it did a short while ago there.

The lung nodule might be a little iffy. It went from 3 mm to 6 mm. Looking at a ruler that is a mighty small measurement and there is room for error on a CT scan. Still, it doubled in size (teeny, tiny size) in 2 months. Only the one nodule is visible which is another good sign.

After our family doctor’s appointment today for the scan results I called the Oncologist to see if we can get in to see her quicker. Her appointment is scheduled for May 22. She probably won’t be overly happy that we have the results already but I wasn’t going to wait a whole freakin’ month for the results!

The family doctor is going to check Mathew out tomorrow because of Mathew’s back pain, lethargy and constant soaking sweats. He wants to ensure there is nothing to worry about. Mathew should be showing improvement in energy by now but he still naps a lot (for hours at a time) and his back hurts him if he goes out for very long. That and he pours sweat if he moves around at all. While it could signal damage to an organ, it could also be a side effect of the chemotherapy.

Mathew is the first Ewing Sarcoma patient our family practitioner has seen. The doctor isn’t familiar with all those chemotherapy drugs Mathew took and each of them had potential and nasty side effects. I believe the doctor is planning to refer Mathew to a cardiologist for a heart check up.

Mathew was very stressed after we updated him on today’s visit. I thought the news would be good so didn’t bring him along. The lone nodule could be many things and only time is going to tell. It is very stressful to always be wondering and worrying about one stupid nodule. Did it really double in size in 6 weeks? Is it going to grow some more? Will there be more lung nodules at the next scan scheduled for June?

I stayed home from work today. I was stressed by the news and knew Mathew would need company for the day. He can’t always calm himself down very well and gets unpredictable when scary news strikes. I also didn’t want to deal with the demands of work; I couldn’t imagine handling mundane tasks while absorbing potentially dreaded news…and not taking it out on those around me. I need peace and quiet as much as possible just to chew and mull things over for a while. I can’t do that with Mathew though and that extends my recovery time until I can spend some quiet time.

In other news our young soon-to-be university graduate returned to the home coop yesterday. John, Mathew and I drove up in 2 vehicles to Fredericton on Saturday. We went up a day before Kristen was signing out of resident to pack up most of her stuff and bring it back to Quispamsis. Although Kristen just wrote her final exam Saturday morning she wanted some time with her friends before everyone parted ways, some like Kristen, permanently. We packed the bulk of her stuff in the truck and left her the Mazda 3 for the overnight items she kept. She spent Saturday night and Sunday morning saying her good byes and made it home in time for supper.

She’s recovering from her exams and the stress of the Honours programme and her thesis. I am very proud to report that not only did she get an A+ on her thesis but she is going to be added as one of the authors’ on the published ….manuscript. Kristen doesn’t know if it will be an article in a science publication or a study or a small book. Regardless she worked damn hard and we are very proud of her!

Kristen isn’t sure what’s next yet. She’s sorting through all of her University and home items; things like extra plates, cutlery, glasses, etc will be boxed and stored for that day she moves out. She is working on some kind of a makeover for her room and I expect is considering the possibilities open to her for the near and distant future.

In evil weather news the snow is melting. There were a few warm, spring days that did a lot to lower the banks and send water running off of properties and into the streets. The birds are coming back but the winter hold-over birds were starving because of the record snow amounts. I don’t ever recall seeing pleas sent out to feed the birds. Some businesses supplied free seed to help get food out for starving birds.

With the warmer weather and receding snow banks the population’s mood is lightening up. We are leaving our caves after a long winter and stretching out in the glorious early days of spring.

If I get an update about Mathew I will post it here.