My tooth cracked last week and I couldn’t stand the pain. My regular dentist’s office was closed for the week ~ doesn’t that just figure ~ so I went to another one I really like. The tooth, as well as cracking, was worn down to the nerve. Seeing a root canal and a partial plate PLUS still getting my other tooth pulled in 4 weeks was too much. The tooth is gone and I will now get the rest of my upper teeth pulled at the end of May. I already have an appointment at a denture clinic. Apparently you have 2 choices when it comes to a full plate denture: either have it pre-made and inserted immediately after having your teeth pulled…or waiting 3-6 months while your gums heal and THEN getting the denture made.

That’s a no-brainer. I’m an Administrative Clerk who sees the general public on a daily basis. Would that be a precious sight for anyone wondering in looking for help from Customs?

This moves the denture plan up be 5 years at least. I’d hoped the teeth would last that long but they have their own plans. This is coming at a bad time as these things always seem to. I’ve just worked my way through a nasty lung infection that was headed off by Symbicort. The family doctor checked me out when we went for Mathew’s test reveal, I think I mentioned in the last post. Anyway that was a godsend!! The last dregs of crud are being coughed up now and you could say I’m a cranky lady…

As side news and perhaps more importantly, Mathew is supposed to have a PET scan in 2-3 weeks. We are waiting for a call confirming the appointment. The results will be back within 2-3 days of the test and we will get those from the Oncologist.

So we wait.

And wait.

It is likely that my tooth cracked from the pressure of all this waiting.

It actually snowed a bit last night but I shut the curtains. There’s been enough of that! The cold weather and downpour today should clean up a great deal of leftover snow. All that is left now is for the city to find some way to pay for their way-over-budget snow removal.

On a cranky note, I’m signing off for now. Be back later when I’m feeling better! (I forgot to mention which tooth is out? Oh, the one next to my front tooth. Right up front and centre. I’m having trouble saying my “f”s now. Apparently I also have to learn to talk clearly again with the denture. This all sounds like Won’t you join me?)