Mathew’s surgery went fine on Tuesday. With 2 Ativan under his belt he played on his iPad and chatted until he was taken in for surgery. His parting words to us were not to worry if the operation got botched up, these things happen so be prepared!! Not what a parent wants to hear, and the hospital staff were quite amused by his proclamation.

Surgery and the immediate recovery took about 3 hours in total after which he was moved to the surgical unit. The first night and yesterday there were pain issues mostly stemming from the chest tube in Mathew’s left side.

The chest tube was removed this morning and he started feeling better soon after. The oxygen was removed around noon and his level is hovering around 92%. If he can keep that up by breathing and coughing exercises plus moving around then he will be able to keep the oxygen off.

Mathew is dealing with a lot of nausea and at the time John and I did our evening switch today, Mathew still hadn’t eaten or drank anything aside from a sip of water every hour or so. The doctor did tell us today that Mathew can’t come home until he is eating and walking around.

The surgeon believes the pain medication might contribute to the nausea so the plan was to switch Mathew to morphine, the pain reliever he’s used since his tumour was diagnosed. That will just be used for break-through pain since the discomfort is much less now the chest tube is out. The main control will be from Motrin and Tylenol which is his daily regime at home (for his back).

It is time for me to head back to the hospital. It is unlikely that we will be home before Saturday unless Mathew starts jumping the hoops down the hallway. That’s the thing about him…he does it HIS way when he is ready.