Not the news we wanted to hear. The surgeon found a third nodule while removing the original two so three were taken out in total. All three were Ewing’s Sarcoma so Mathew’s cancer has metastasized.

What next? He gets another regular CT scan in early September. Back to the 3 month checkups until – or if – something else shows up. Then it will depend on where the new problem manifests itself.

Mathew recovered quickly from the lung surgery once the tube was removed from his chest. He had the procedure done on a Tuesday and went home on Friday night. With advanced technology making some surgeries much smaller compared to days of old, recovery is much faster. Two of his incisions healed nicely and the third is coming along. That is the one where the tube was inserted between his ribs so the cut was bigger and is taking longer to close up completely.

We have booked ourselves a trip to Orlando, Florida in early September. The kids want to see Universal Studios and Disney World so that is our plan. This summer is just too darned hot and Mathew doesn’t tolerate heat at all (neither does his Mama; makes me CRANKY) so September it is. Yep, hurricane season. If the weather gets a bit rough then those pesky theme park line ups might be much smaller!

Aside from that, I had the remainder of my upper teeth removed less than two weeks ago and am adjusting to dentures. Now I know why no one likes them. The two biggest things are the roof of the mouth is covered (feels like a wad of gum pasted to the roof of the mouth) and no tooth sensations. The power of one’s bite decreases dramatically with the inferior false teeth and those healing gums make it hard to want to bit on anything. The teeth look natural and no one would know I have dentures except I still talk a bit lispy for now. Oh and if I’m not careful I can spit them out without warning (have to watch the weird noises I make on occasion!)

I had a problem with gagging for the first couple of days but now it happens when I lean over too far. It must stimulate some warning system in my mouth. I can’t feel food in my falsies, nor temperature. It takes FOREVER to eat anything that requires chewing so my diet is mostly soft food or liquid-type stuff. While the teeth look full sized from the front view, if you take the denture out, you will find they are minimally lengthened from the denture form itself. Your front teeth, for example, come down from your gum for the entire white part that is exposed. If you look behind my front teeth they are only projected about 1/4″ from the denture piece itself. I will take some pictures and put them in a later post to show you what I mean.

We are still waiting for some semblance of summer. It is mostly wet and rainy with cooler temperatures…with a warm, sunny day thrown in for good measure here and there. Last nice day all that was heard in the neighbourhood was lawn mowers; everyone frantically cutting their lawns before another onslaught of rain.

How have you been and what is your weather like? Please lie and tell me awful so I am not jealous!