Not long after that last post, Mathew suddenly developed a severe back spasm on a Saturday. After a few hours of him not being able to move we took him the ER. I didn’t know if something shifted in his back and it was an emergency or if it was something less serious.

The ER got him in relatively quickly, considering how overcrowded it was. They were professional and friendly. We were immensely relieved to learn that Mathew’s terrible pain was a back spasm and nothing neurological. The doctor advised us on what pain medications we could safely give Mathew and away we went.

After about 2 days the added pain from the spasm eased off and Mathew could rest easier. Since then he had the beginnings of one other spasm which we got under control with extra pain meds. It means upping his morphine amount until the pain ebbs.

Mathew is now on 12 hour slow release morphine, 15 mg, plus 50 mg of Pregabalin (Lyreca). He has another appointment with the family doctor next week to review these meds and rate their effectiveness in managing his pain levels.

Mathew’s world shrunk with this pain. Fear edged in and he doesn’t go to work anymore and doesn’t have friends over. He tires without warning and his pain levels jack up also without notice. At those times he just wants to rest and have me hang out with him.

Mathew’s back pain is caused by all the procedures done during his cancer treatment. Heck people without any added conditions suffer from severe back pain, let alone one who had all that chemo and radiation!

Mathew’s schedules is  royally screwed up. He wakes up around 2 or 3 pm and goes until 5 am or so. I have tried all kinds of tricks to get him into some semblance of a routine but he isn’t having part of it.

Speaking of which it is 3am and I’m tired.

Good night.