Mathew just can’t catch a break from this damned cancer.

The CT results from the scan taken a week ago shows he now has 3 nodules in his left lung, lower lobe. It also shows a fuzzy area of concern in his right lung. The small fuzzy area could be nothing, could be scar tissue or it could be a dreaded nodule showing up in his right lung now. Since it is now being “watched”… I have little hope that we’ll be lucky enough for it to disappear.

The Oncologist didn’t have Mathew’s test results handy to tell us how much that first nodule has grown. I know it has; they all grow. The curious thing so far is that all the cancerous nodules are growing in the same area of his lung. I asked her if they have considered taking out Mathew’s lower lobe. The answer is yes but the fact remains the cancer moved through his system to the lung…and she finds it curious it hasn’t showed up anywhere else that we know of. Yet. Not forgetting that suspicious fuzzy area now in his right lung.

What happens next depends on one or two things. The Surgeon who expressed concern about two other vertebrae on Mathew’s spine is going to go back to talk to the Radiologist(s) who have read the last scans. The Oncologist did tell us that radiation can change nearby vertebrae during radiation and it may just be that. If the Radiologist convinces the Surgeon that this area is nothing to be concerned about then I believe the biopsies he wants to perform will be scrapped.

Then the Surgeon and Thoracic Surgeon will consult on the latest CT scan and decide if Mathew’s lung should be operated on again. This time the surgery will be more invasive than the last one for reasons I’m not clear on. I personally don’t think the surgery will go ahead. I think they are all going to opt for the third option.

Chemotherapy again. Mathew was very upset to hear this is one of the possibilities being considered. The chemo he takes is a vile cocktail. Now Mathew’s lifetime dose of Doxirubicon has already been reached so he will not receive that chemo drug again. The Oncologist plans to review his file and calculate how much of each other drug he’s had. She will then determine if he can have any more of them; if so at what amounts and what combinations. Or, she might go to a new drug or drugs.

This is supposed to all be decided within the next 2 weeks.

I’ll let you know.