Yesterday I called the back surgeon’s office to talk to his secretary.

He walked in the door as we were talking so his secretary asked him a question concerning my phone call. Next thing I know, Dr. Abraham takes the call himself! I love that guy! He is a people’s surgeon and you always get his intense concentration when you speak with him.

Dr. Abraham hadn’t seen Mathew’s last scan results and once he heard, he is leaning towards the chemotherapy. He plans to talk to the Oncologist and the thoracic surgeon in the next week but feels the biopsy is pointless if Mathew’s cancer is spreading. He doesn’t think the thoracic surgeon will want to operate either as chemotherapy is probably the best option right now.

Unfortunately Mathew was present during this phone call and that led to a massive meltdown. He is terrified of chemotherapy again because he remembers all the bad stuff from the last time he had it. He also doesn’t want to return to the Oncology ward because our friend Jenn died in December. She was another cancer patient whom we met during Mathew’s hospital stays and we would cheer each other up. Jenn had a stem-cell transplant last summer and successfully put her Hodgkins AND non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma into remission. Unfortunately a bacteria got into her system and she wasn’t able to fight it off. We miss her.

So Mathew was thinking about all that and it was too much for him. He is running a temperature so we’re thinking he has a bug. This would explain his crankiness although today it was a little better. Still all of this is emotionally draining for all involved.

If all of Mathew’s team decides chemotherapy is the way for him to go right now then it will probably start in the next month.

On another note I decided to take his temperature yesterday…or the day before when he was feeling off and then during one of his profuse sweating sessions. I was alarmed to see he was running a temperature; nothing too high, just about 38 degrees Celsius. I suddenly wondered if these hot spells/sweats he’s experienced for the last several months were actually fevers that we missed. I missed. Due to not checking his temperature. I am horrified if that’s the case because it obviously is a health indicator that I missed….. CRAP!!