Today was a much better day. Mathew woke up in better spirits – and woke up before noon, so this afternoon consisted of a trip to the mall.

Poor Mathew had been house-trapped since Monday so he needed the social stimulation! He didn’t care if we just walked in circles so long as it was away from our house. The sun shone and the wind blew briskly in the crisp air. My kind of day; autumn with the clear air that you only get in the spring or fall, slightly on the cool side, and just out to ramble along for a while.

John’s day not as much fun. At this time of year the switch from ride-on lawn mower to snow blower happens. Except the snow blower wouldn’t budge from its summer home in the shed. Same shed being located at the bottom of the yard behind the house. It simply wouldn’t move frontwards or backwards so there was no way to get it up the hill and to the garage. John ordered some parts and worked on it while Mathew and I were cruising the mall.

Last winter was brutal ~ not that anyone needs a reminder. The snow piled up on our huge back deck so high that twice John dragged the huge snow blower through the house to access the back deck. With that in mind and the prospect of Mathew undergoing chemotherapy again, we decided to invest in a smaller snow blower just for the back deck. If our winter is mild then you can thank us for that, as Mother Nature has a sense of humour. Boy do I hope you WILL have to thank us for a mild winter!!

Now that life settled down (ha ha ha Ho Ho Ho hee hee hee) I intend to blog about our recent trip to Orlando, Florida. I finally uploaded the photos to our computer to accompany the post. Just for a teaser though, I thought I’d end this post with an awfully cute photo of Kristen enjoying the beach in Daytona:

A sun bunny loving the beach in Florida!

A sun bunny loving the beach in Florida!