In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the Sunday or the Monday. With John’s family here it was today. While Mathew intended on going unfortunately severe pain suddenly wracked his back and legs during his bath. He could hardly walk let alone move and was very upset he couldn’t go to his Uncle Harry and Aunt Christine’s home for Thanksgiving Dinner.

His spirits were great the last few days and it was sad to see all that evaporate in a puff of pain. He’s now doped up and feeling better. John went to the dinner and returned home with food for us for which I was thankful – Mathew wanted his turkey dinner and he.was.hungry.

Some of the family dropped by later on their way back to their respective homes. This was so appreciated as well. Mathew wants to see everyone now in case he does go on chemo again and it makes him so sick like the last time. He is trying to squeeze in whatever he can, while he can.

I enjoy having family around on these occasions but one person was deeply missed by us. Kristen is celebrating two Thanksgiving dinners over there in Ottawa; today with my father and step-mother and then tomorrow at my oldest sister’s home. I received some photos of pie-making in progress for Kristen and my sister Dominique; I’m waiting to hear how the pies tasted. This was the first time for both of them and the ladies had fun making them so I hope dessert was as good as it looked! Over here in New Brunswick the desserts ran rampant! There was Black Forest Cake (home made), apple pie, chocolate cheesecake (made especially for Mathew by his cousin, Ella-baker-extraordinaire), and another dessert that came through here so quick I never saw it.

Even my cat and dog enjoyed turkey dinner. Anyone who knows me also knows that my animals are not permitted people food; they have their own food and treats and straying from that can result in bad things for my allergic-to-everything dog. Tonight however the cat helped himself to the remains of Mathew’s supper. Mathew put it on the counter and covered it up. While John and I went outside to say good-bye to our visitors our cat, Spook, got up on the counter and pulled the cover off. He then sat his rump ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER and proceeded to eat off the plate. When I came back in to the kitchen we both froze. Spook figured that I wouldn’t notice him if he didn’t move…but then he started to eat again. Right in front of me!!

Off the counter Spook was swept. Poor Jasmine (our dog) was lying on the floor under the spot the cat was eating probably hoping for a morsel to drop from Spook’s mouth or something. John felt sorry for her and suggested the spare pickings be given to Jazz to enjoy. So for the first time EVER I let her lick the (disposable) plate clean.

Now I wonder if the two of them didn’t plan that whole turkey heist and execute it right before I came back into the kitchen. They are both looking pretty smug right now.

I voted today. I was second in line to vote because I didn’t realize they opened only at noon today. I went earlier because I figured churchgoers might just mosey on over to the advanced voting station right after today’s church service. I pictured them driving en masse, making an afternoon of it. Anyway this is the third day of the advanced polls and you’d think the station would run a bit smoother. Especially as I was the SECOND voter.

Not so – I didn’t sign the form so immediately after voting I took 3 steps left to sign the register. Now I am alone, everyone is being held back until this error is corrected. The lady who gave me my ballot and watched me put it into the box and took the numbered strip from me is also the same woman who shooed me back over to sign the register. Sooo… not 5 seconds later the register was signed and I started walking towards the exit. This same woman immediately called out to me, “Don’t you want your ballot so you can vote?” while handing out a ballot.

My mouth dropped open as I replied, “Um…I just gave you my ballot. I JUST voted! Uh…?????”. The woman at the register shouted that I had just voted as well. This drew the attention of some of the other personnel working the poll station. One fellow, who seemed to be a supervisor, started over with a concerned look. As I walked by he asked if everything was ok. I told him I didn’t think today would go well for him as there was almost a big screw-up and I was only the second voter!!!

I sincerely hope everything went smoothly after that.

My vote cancelled John’s out. It usually happens that way as we don’t always agree on the candidate to vote for. That’s fine by me ~ that is the freedom to vote for whom you choose in this great country. This election has stirred up more passion than I’ve seen in a few years. When people want to see a change in power they get riled up. This year many people want to see our current Prime Minister gone.

Personally, no one candidate or Party stood out as a shining example for me. Being a typical Canadian I hemmed and hawed over each Party Leader’s stance. Not one has a great track record for honesty and I rarely believe election promises as they don’t come to fruition often. I see-sawed back and forth depending on what I learned each day.

I believe someone will win, either Liberal or Conservative but it will be a minority government. *SIGH* Translation: with a minority government the opposing parties can take a vote of confidence and overthrow the government, meaning the public has to vote again. It means you end up going back to the polls within a year or two of the election. So you get to listen to all the hype, the commercials, the slogans…just to do it all over again.

The other thing I really don’t like about our voting system in Canada, is that you don’t vote directly for the Party Leader. You vote for the party’s candidate in your riding. There are times I haven’t liked the local candidate but do like the Party Leader. Or I don’t want to vote for a Party Leader but if I want that party’s local candidate in power in my riding then I’m doomed. It would be better just to vote directly for the Prime Minister I want to see in power.

I won’t discuss who I voted for. It is such a hot topic and it is a polarizing issue here. Whomsoever a person votes for must be respected. Some people can’t see beyond their immediate thoughts to look at the perspective of someone else. The diehard fans of a particular party can get extremely worked up about the way someone votes. My choice does not reflect me, as a person. It is simply the person I think might do the least amount of damage in power. It is because wars were fought so that I could have the freedom to vote. Most importantly though, it is so I have the right to whine and complain when I don’t like the policies the government rolls out!!

To my daughter: you were missed by everyone. I gave Aunt Wendy your clothes for her church and Outflow. I included your prom dress because it might be a nice Halloween costume for a girl who couldn’t otherwise afford a costume ~ or just someone who loves to dress up. Aunt Wendy was quite emotional about it being handed over; you just might find it in her closet next time you are home. I hope though, that it finds a home with the next person who gets that beautiful dress and takes it for a mile or two of wear and tear. As the dress is “loved” already, I told Wendy that it can be cut down to size for someone shorter who wants it. I also sent your xmas decorations in its own box. It will be perfect for someone wanting a complete little xmas; maybe a young lady who wants some sparkle this year. The items you gave up will go where they are needed and someone will get a warm “fuzzy” from your choice to part with these items. That should make you feel good. Wendy was thrilled to get so much stuff for the less fortunate she helps out in the South End. I will tell you if I spot your pink prom dress out there; it will shine like a beacon if someone wears it out!

Time to go and try to get Mathew to sleep before 2 am. I miss by bedtime of 9:30 pm. Haven’t seen that in quite a few days.

I am thankful for much this year and nothing more than family and friends whether they be near or far. It is the people who matter to you that makes the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.