Chemo started yesterday for Mathew.

Understandably he was upset in the days leading up to it. Ativan kept him somewhat calm but breakthroughs occurred and sleep was minimal for him and I.

Yesterday was the dreaded day and driving up to the hospital Mathew started panicking. John took time off to drive with us because I’d had almost no sleep and was very tired. Parking at the hospital isn’t very convenient, much like any hospital I suppose, but the entrance here gets a traffic jam from the vehicles dropping off and picking up passengers. John usually drops Mathew and I off so we can get in and register before starting the looooong walk down to the Oncology department.

Once Mathew got in and hooked up to the IV pole he remained calm. Most of the nurses remember us although they didn’t remember having hair on his head! Not to worry ladies because it won’t be there for long! Chatting with the great staff probably also eased some of Mathew’s fears. He is downstairs in the chemo room rather than up in the satellite room with the beds (on the Oncology ward). He watched the tv and played on his iPad. We were in by 3 pm and left by 5:20 pm. It seemed much faster than the outpatient he had the first time he had treatment.

Treatment starts with Onandestron, Domperidone and Decadron, all of them for nausea. Decadron is a steroid that causes mood swings in Mathew… some of which we experienced last night. He had no nausea at all and ate a hearty dinner, compliments of his Aunt Wendy who made him Mac & Cheese.

He fell asleep at some awful hour…it gets to be such a blur! He slept right up until 2 pm today when I woke him for today’s chemo. I woke him up for his meds and every hour to drink 200ml of water. It is critical for his kidneys and bladder that he drink 2-3 litres of clear fluids a day and empty his bladder every 2 hours. He was a little grumpy about it but understands why it is necessary.

Once he woke up today he felt great and so far it is still going well. He had a big appetite this evening so now he might experience another side effect of Decadron; an appetite. The chemo will have an accumulative effect on him but it may just be the fatigue this time. How awesome that would be!

Tonight he ate more Mac & Cheese and the Sheppard’s Pie his Nana made and brought over. How lovely to be so spoiled! It does make it easier for us this week with Mathew’s appointments starting at 3 pm and both of us trying to get sleep in between.

I let out a tiny sigh of relief this evening but won’t let it all out just yet. Things never go that well for Mathew and we need to stay vigilant in his medications to prevent unwanted side effects. Mathew’s anxiety lessened considerably by late this evening which was a relief for all of us.

Now if only the dog hadn’t crapped in the dining room ~ *banging head against wall*. Always something to keep me grounded.

Good night and here’s hoping the both of us get to sleep at a reasonably early night…Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (it is already 1:10 am).