Mathew was due to start his second “round” of chemo today.

His platelets needed to be at least 100 and this morning’s bloodwork came back with a level of 91. It is this treatment’s protocol that the platelets be at least 100. It is expected the count will fall with this treatment plan and there has to be some reserve in the body or the consequences can be fatal. As I explained before if platelets fall below 13 then the organs can spontaneously bleed.

Extra waiting is a double-edged sword. You are thankful his body has another week to recover but giving Ewing’s Sarcoma even a day… it is such an aggressive cancer that sometimes it will continue to grow even through brutal chemotherapy.

Even if Mathew’s platelet count rose to the required 100 by Wednesday or Thursday chemo still won’t start until next Monday. The Oncology Department and Chemo Room is only open Monday to Friday and his protocol is for 5 days in a row. Hence the Monday start.

Mathew is struggling emotionally. His body won’t do what he wants it to do and although he is feeling so much better than the first treatment 2 years ago those drugs still take a toll on the body. He is tired and has frequent headaches. His back and legs are bothering him again now that the steroid, Decadron, is out of his system. Also his hair started to fall out and that was a reminder he didn’t want.

He went to his barber for a buzz once we realized his longish hair was starting to fall out. The scalp hurts probably as a result of the hair roots dying off. At first it was a tiny clump here and there but today if his head rubs on anything it is being left behind in much higher quantities.

He just fell asleep so now I am off to bed myself.