Just a quick update as it is super late. Mathew’s day went much better as his pain levels dropped considerably. He is still mostly sleeping but that is probably also the effects of chemo in addition to recovering from the severe bout of pain.

Friday (today) will be the last chemo for this cycle. Mathew will rest up for the next 2…probably 3… weeks. That puts us into Christmas and New Year’s so it remains to be seen what will happen with his next/last chemo cycle. The chemo room isn’t open on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day and Mathew’s chemo does require 5 straight days of doses.

The chemo staff were as happy as us that Mathew’s pain levels were much lower. He had the small, isolation room and ended up sleeping through his chemo today. I know both John and I nodded off ourselves during his treatment!

Now I’m off to continue the liquids in/liquids out cycle that is crucial for the 24 hours following treatment with Cyclophosphamide. The last thing Mathew needs is some wretched bladder irritation/infection.

Happy dreams people.