Poor Mathew! After sleeping all day yesterday he woke up towards evening and proceeded to be sick. Except that he doesn’t have a fever it looks like the flu.

He is just resting in his bed and doesn’t feel well enough to sit in his chair so I can change his sheets. He sweated and soaked them…it is the middle of the night so I don’t want to disturb John but I sure hate Mathew staying in clammy sheets.

His stomach cramped badly during the evening and he was utterly miserable, feeling much like he did during his first treatment 2 years ago. Just in case I am using gloves when I help him with anything and am bleaching everything. He’s had C-difficile before and that is always in the back of our minds.

Sleep well people and perhaps by the next post Mathew and I will be running the roads, heading for some shopping at our local mall.