Mathew is on the mend and his blood work today shows he needs no platelet or blood transfusion! That was so nice to hear and although he was still very tired he opted to go to the mall and do a little shopping. We were both housebound for so long it felt like an adventure going out into the throng of Christmas shoppers!

Mathew found a few things he wanted, as he always does! ~ and I managed to do some Christmas shopping that now means I can bundle up a parcel or two and go stand in line at Canada Post. I’ll bring a book to read while moving up to the register slowly because it is that time of year!

I felt sick yesterday morning but didn’t come down with the flu as hard as Mathew did. I fell into bed about 4:30 pm last night and stayed there, with a short exception, until…er…uh…10:30 am today! I still feel a bit under the weather and am thankful we all got our flu shots this year ~ Mathew in particular. His flu might have been that much worse without his flu shot.

The weather is holding up great with a temperature today of 13 degrees Celsius! Bye bye snow that fell last week and I hope it stays away. That’ll make me unpopular with the snow crowd; those folk who like snowmobiling, skiing, skating etc, but I like the green! It is easy to get around and there are no worries about slipping or falling.

Kristen wanted to come home earlier for Christmas and fortunately we were able to change her flight home. So our Christmas Elf will arrive on the Sunday before Christmas rather than that Wednesday. A week is a much nicer paced visit to see everyone and hang out! Now the countdown is on to see our girl again!!

It is some ridiculous time of the morning again and Mathew is feeling well enough to watch tv. The late nights continue. I’m off to spend a bit of quality time as I flop on his bed and start to snore in short order.

Although Mathew is scheduled to start Round #3 of his current chemo treatment on Monday his platelets won’t have recovered enough. The following week is Christmas week and we want him to be well enough to enjoy it so chemo is postponed until the week of 28 December. Mathew is relieved he will enjoy the extra week and spend it hopefully seeing a movie or two and visiting with his sister.

Good night to those west of us which is most of the country!