I didn’t realize the last post I did was on December 12th! That was on a Friday and the post states that Mathew needed no transfusions.

On the following Monday afternoon the Chemo Room called, asking where Mathew was. Apparently his counts were high enough to go in as scheduled! Imagine our surprise! Mathew immediately became upset since such news isn’t welcome and more so because the chemo would make him sickest over Christmas.

We had discussed chemo with Mathew’s Oncologist at Mathew’s appointment prior to this phone call so the Charge Nurse called Dr. Burnell, who okayed delaying the chemo. Whew ~ crisis averted!

Kristen arrived the Sunday before Christmas . It is so much better picking someone up from the airport rather than seeing them off! She visited with family and friends, saw everyone then all too quickly it was time for her to fly back to Ottawa on Monday.

The only hitch over Christmas was Mathew getting sick suddenly on Christmas Eve. It started in the afternoon and continued for approximately 24 hours. He perked up on Christmas Day around 5 pm and enjoyed the rest of the time.

We (er…John) cooked Christmas dinner and his brother and wife (Harry and Christine) came over to share the meal with us. There was champagne and orange juice; which I finally learned is called a “mimosa” (am I right?), chocolate and a full turkey dinner. We watched tv, ate, drank and had a jolly time. On Christmas Eve John carried up our narrow Christmas tree that is always decorated and we were all set with a bit of holiday cheer.

On December 22 Mathew had his latest CT scans. We received the results on December 24; they are stable. That means there is o change to the size of the existing lung nodules. It was my decision to get the news on Christmas Eve. No one wanted to give me that information however I did have sound reasons for requesting them asap. There was discussion between the family physician and a few of us about hearing the results on the day before Christmas however he acquiesced, called in for the recorded reading and shared the results with us.

Our fall and winter weather was great up until Sunday. Sure, snow sports weren’t happening because there was no snow but for the rest of us, green was beautiful! Christmas Day itself was unbelievably warm and sunny. Winter started on Sunday with some snow then followed today by another 15 cm or more of snow. A lot of people took advantage of the mild weather to strip down their xmas decorations. Mine would hang out there year-round if not for John but this year he went through the first snowfall and took down everything but a xmas lamp & post. Along with the snow the temperature fell so it is definitely winter out there.