That wasn’t fun. At all.

I let Mathew sleep in as late as possible before his chemo appointment and then we both scrambled to get out of the house on time. We were out of the door in 15 minutes which is excellent timing and everything was fine.

The hospital parking lot was overflowing and since Mathew was with me (I usually drop him off at the entrance, park the vehicle, then walk back in.) I drove around looking for a spot. The parking lot is up on a hill and you either walk down a steep flight of stairs or take the pedway with its two elevators to access the main entrance down below. With Mathew in his wheelchair it was going to be the pedway. We found a handicapped parking spot (Mathew has a handicap sticker & pass for parking) and off we went.

Once we arrived at the Oncology Department things went south. Yesterday Mathew hit the proverbial brick wall and it was difficult for him to get through it. Although he got an Ativan before leaving the house he earned a second one while he was being hooked up (his port was accessed). It took over an hour for him to calm down and relax. A lack of sleep contributed to the meltdown and I was grateful Mathew had the little room in the chemo room. I lowered the blinds and turned off the lights and once the mood had lightened a little, turned on the room’s tv. He finished the chemo in decent spirits fortunately. I know the other chemo patients and nurses could hear him but at some point I just block everyone else out and concentrate on Mathew.

Once at home Mathew ate supper and then fell asleep. Aside from being woken up for medication and water he slept until just now! So from 6 pm last night until 10 am today. He was exhausted!

Today we are swinging by the mall to pick up a new videogame he pre-ordered (don’t ask me the title…I can’t remember that stuff!). He hopes to be alert enough to play on his PlayStation when we get home after chemo today and I hope so too. It will take his mind off of treatment for a little while.

I stayed up until 1 am to make sure he got his liquids and pills in. Then at 6 am it starts all over again; the Cyclophosphamide is very hard on the bladder so lots of water and bathroom breaks are mandatory to prevent irritation and infection to the urinary tract system. It isn’t until later in the week when the taste of the water changes and Mathew gets cranky about all the liquids that you get to dreading the frequent water visits to his room. I’m tired this morning so when we get back today, after supper, I am going to nap if he does. John worked 15 hours yesterday so we are all going to siesta and snore by 6 pm tonight. I should hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the front door!!