So we were so fortunate to have an El Nino winter that all us snow & cold (and ice!!!) dislikes…well, dislike. There were very few storms and only a couple of times that our snow blowers were revved up and used. The rivers and lakes opened up much earlier than usual and spring feels pretty close!

Winter isn’t quite done with this edge of Canada yet! The last 2-3 days the temperature was cold and snowflakes and a bit of accumulation drifted down the street and across lawns. There is a Nor’Easter expected tomorrow night…oops, TONIGHT since it is 3 am on Sunday!! It is supposed to mosey into Monday and possibly dump up to 20 cm on us.

Just go ahead and do it, Mother Nature. I know this winter is done and I’m glad to see it go. It definitely helped our mood to have it green as it was although the skiers, skaters and snowmobilers aren’t happy at all. Don’t feel sorry for them because last winter was all about the outdoor sports with those mountains of snow we got. I still haven’t gotten over that yet! A good, fair compromise is one snowy winter and one green one like this year. Keep each side happy 50% of the time. If La Nina comes along next year it will be fantastic for anyone who participates in outdoor winter sports. She\s the nasty little sister that puts the world back in place! I still remember the last El Nino/La Nina we experienced, while we lived out west in Edmonton, Alberta. El Nino was lovely and being our first year out there, we figured it was an indicator of Alberta winter. HA!! The next winter La Nina pushed through and because John was either training for Bosnia, or was in Bosnia, you-know-who had the shovelling detail.

It was brutal. It freaking’ snowed almost every day. I’d just returned to work for the first time since having the kids and John left the same day I started my job with the government. The kids weren’t happy about the babysitting situation and I was just plain exhausted and feeling guilty about everything. There were times I left them buckled in their car seats when we got back from our day; left the motor running and their music blaring while I shovelled; with snacks in hand so they could see me and I could see them and know they couldn’t reach each other (hence the buckled car seats!). That was one of the worst winters in terms of stress.

Anyway, so bring it on. We are close enough to the coast that it often turns to slush and mush. It’ll be gone very soon ~ just don’t mess with NEXT weekend, which is EASTER. Kirsten flies in on Friday and flies back to Ottawa on Monday. I will be severely annoyed if anything messes with her flights!! Or her visit!!

This last week saw all of us in this house finally fall victim to some lousy bug going around. Here I was thinking we might be spared one winter from a cold or flu but no; it just got put off until the bitter end. John got it first and then me and finally Mathew. Mathew and I spent the last 3 days in bed and only rising for bathroom breaks and medicine. I don’t know if it is a cold or flu or some combination thereof. I just know that as my nose and eyes streamed liquid crap and my lungs hacked up their own special brand of hairballs (ew!) AND with that snow, we were mighty miserable. Mathew always takes a long time to recover from this kind of sickness, even before his cancer. Now we watch him like a hawk in case he takes a sudden turn and needs to see a doctor pronto. He likes that; someone is with him all the time.

Me? I’m just about the most miserable, cranky sick person and I just want to be left alone in my little corner of the bed to curl up and whine about everything until I feel better.

Not an auspicious way to see winter out but maybe it is like that March wives’ tale: in like a lion and out like a lamb? This year March whimpered in and now with this late weather…out like a lion? Maybe it is the same with this bug we have.

Just let us be over it before Kristen comes home next weekend!!

I’ll bet that nasty old “jump ahead an hour” time change last weekend had something to do with our current state of health. Our bodies DO NOT like the time change, be in just one hour difference. The older I get the more I despise the time change. One of Canada’s provinces doesn’t do the time change; Saskatchewan. It doesn’t hurt them at all and twice a year they probably laugh their heads off at the rest of us silly folk scrambling not to be late or early that first Monday after the time changes. It’s time we-the-people put a stop to that craziness once and for all

I am looking forward to sitting on our back deck and soaking up some good weather. This winter was difficult; an accumulation of everything just wearing us all down bit by bit. Losing the last two of our animals was a blow that even a month later I’m still getting used to. Don’t get me wrong ~ I do NOT want any animals for the foreseeable future, but I miss the ones we had. Then Mathew being in chemo again, with only a “stable” end result. Yes I’ll take it but after 2-1/2 years it gets to you. Our lives changed so much and there is no escaping this reality we now live. The winters seem longer each year and it is harder to come out of that winter blahness. Our deck, overlooking our little lake and all its wonderful wildlife, is our oasis and mediating station. I often spend chunks of time just sitting and watching the world move by; listening to the birds, watching an Eagle dive for its meal…seeing the ducks out with their new ducklings; listening to the Canadian Geese honking their arrival; looking for the beaver to wake up and start cruising for meals and twigs to fix its dam. I watch the dragonflies fly ever closer; they are inquisitive creatures and often land on my hand to check out the giant before it. There is a murder of crows who apparently own our neighbourhood and you can hear them move between the trees along the street and call out the news as they do so. Sometiimes I catch them in a tree out back, peering into the house when I’m in the kitchen!

If you slow down enough all of these little busy happenings start to emerge and the noise from nature, combined with the fresh air and sun, do their work and thaw out the frosty soul.

Who knew when we purchased this property upon our return from Alberta, almost 9 years ago, how critical it would be to helping us through some of our darkest hours. I don’t have to go anywhere for a piece of heaven or a peace of mind. I just look out the window and if it is nice enough, step out onto the deck.

On that note, I shall drag my sore throat and phlegmy lungs off to another few hours of sputtering coughing fits and honking the ol’ schnozz.