Before I launch into Thanksgiving this year, first is a picture of Mathew at the concert in Moncton. This was the one for “Five Fingered Death Punch”.


Mathew at the concert…

Tis a lovely photo to be sure and a typical one of dear Mathew…  I did stay in the parking lot for the concert’s duration and enjoyed myself in the warm evening reading a book. I could hear the music and screeching just fine out there in the truck and had no desire to be inside. John and Mathew thoroughly enjoyed the concert and saved their ears by inserting earplugs. We got a wheelchair-reserved spot so Mathew could enjoy the concert in his wheelchair; it is a lot more comfortable than the coliseum’s seats.

We drove home following the concert so we could rest as we needed to and wake up at home.


This year in addition to Kristen coming home one of my younger sisters joined us. Family gatherings are much smaller on my side of the family so Dominique was thrilled to be part of the 30 or so people who gathered for a Bullock Thanksgiving.


Dominique with her beloved dog, Sophie

The weather was gorgeous just up until the afternoon of the Thanksgiving Dinner (whereupon it clouded over and started a drizzle/rain for the rest of the day). Following is a picture I took on the day before our dinner. It was very warm and sunny and so perfect to relax outdoors.


This was our backyard on the day before our meal. Warm and fabulous!!

There was no rest for those of us cooking for the dinner! With approximately 30 people arriving to enjoy a meal together everyone pitched in by bringing something for the potluck. My choices weren’t as popular; so for the next time I will make other things. This year I made devilled eggs and a peppermint pie while John made oven roasted potatoes and sausages.

Dominique dazzled us with her meat pies (Mathew has now banned John and I from making our usual chicken pot pie in favour of her pie…) and pumpkin pies. A few people were so enamoured of her pies that they disappeared after the dinner to places unknown. I’m hoping for a piece at Christmas when one of the pies shall make a reappearance.


Someone at my place working away at making dessert


The pumpkin pie filling was delicious!

Christine did a wonderful job decorating the Meenan’s Cove rental building. Her and Harry had the brilliant idea of renting the place for the day so there was room for everyone to sit at one very long table.


Décor at dinner

Christine and Harry went in early on the Sunday to start setting everything out and to put the turkey in to cook. The place could have held a lot more people; the kitchen was big with a fridge and a commercial fridge to hold all the food (and beer, etc). There were bathrooms located right there for easy use. Everything was clean and bright with everything needed for a party ~ right down to eating utensils!!


It tickled us all pink to see a menu Christine made for our dinner.


We even had a menu!

Here is a shot of the kitchen and you can see all the room for people to cook and move around. Starting a while before dinner people arrived, bringing their food and either helped with preparations or moved around to say hello to everyone.


A pre dinner chat in the kitchen area

When I first arrived Alistair was mashing potatoes in the kitchen and Harry was prepping other things and keeping an eye on his turkey. There were actually 2 turkeys prepared as well as a ham. Add to that a large variety of sides and everyone had a plate full of delicious food to eat.


Alistair and Harry working in the kitchen

John and Andy enjoy small talk before the meal. I’m not going to say that Wendy and Andy were the last ones to arrive because this year that honour went to one of their sons! Thank you kids!!


John and Andy pre-dinner. I hope you didn’t forget something Andy!

This turkey looks delicious. As I write this post at some ungodly hour of the morning I can smell it again and want to eat some more of it. Very much. I’m starving now thanks to these pictures!!


Harry starts to carve one of the tasty turkeys

The line up took a little bit to get through but everyone was in good humour and we all knew there was plenty to go around for all. In this next photo some of the ladies chat as they get ready to move along to select this year’s offerings.


Part of the line up for the buffet-style dinner


One half of the table. Yes that is Mathew…sigh…

I was the last one to go through the line up. I went once to fill up a plate for Mathew and then went through again for myself. By the time I sat down and starting eating I forgot to take photos for a while! I did manage to take a few and this is one of Alistair thoroughly enjoying his dinner. He wasn’t eating by himself either – there was no space for that! I tend to crop photos; Alistair was sitting beside his Mum on one side and my sister on the other.


Alistair contemplating the great meal we had

Everyone did something in preparation or clean up. Gentle reminders went out for the younger generation to pitch in and they all did. I’m probably one of the few who didn’t clean up and I do feel guilty about it. I was exhausted; I’d had four hours sleep and Mathew was sitting next to me at the food table. He’d let me know in no uncertain terms that if I left him for whatever reason, he was going to be a very unhappy, LOUD person in a hurry. So to keep the peace and him happy, I stayed in my seat.


Some of the ladies do a bit of clean up

In between fetching meals, dessert, drinks, etc, I was able to snap a few pictures but wish I could have taken many more. Here are a few I did get:

Harry and Christine ~ the masterminds behind this wonderful dinner at this fabulous place. Well done you two.


Harry and Christine

Jean and Harry (Mum and Dad/Nana and Poppa to almost everyone here) having a conversation with Boyd.


Nana and Poppa with their youngest son, Boyd

Callum and his sweetie Ismini. Don’t you LOVE that name? This gorgeous girl is from Greece and lives in Nova Scotia. Next time she heads overseas to visit her father some of us Bullocks may squeeze ourselves into her luggage!!


Ismini and Callum

Hannah and Ben. Ben is 6 months older than Mathew. Hannah and Ben purchased their first home this summer. When we visited about a week or two later their place was.completely.unpacked.and.decorated. I couldn’t get over it!


Hannah and Ben

Here is one of Ben’s brothers, Sam and his girlfriend, Jenna. Both of them have jobs; I believe they are working full time hours are their jobs PLUS they both go to University. Sam will complete his degree in a couple of months. His was a long haul as he first started out in a co-op program that added time to his school completion date. He showed everyone the countdown to graduation on his watch!! Way to go you two. You will never have this much energy later so get it done NOW!!


Sam and Jenna

Here is our Kristen rocking a photo with one of her Aunties. She loves being part of a big family (both of them do) and they both enjoy seeing each other when Kristen comes to town. So long as it isn’t the long weekends in summer. When Wendy takes off with Andy and Ella in their camper.


Kristen with her Aunt Wendy

Of course, no gathering is complete without being present on social media. I know you guys would think I was making all of that jolly dinner up without the following “real life” photo…


I can’t resist just one more picture….

Sorry my nieces ~ I couldn’t resist!

I missed taking photos of so many other people at the dinner and I regret losing the opportunity. It isn’t often we can all get together, what with work and school schedules. I must note that we did miss one person who couldn’t come this time, my nephew Grayson. We missed you and hope your Thanksgiving was good.

On Thanksgiving Sunday Mathew was up for a marathon 20 hours; this after sleeping for 21 hours straight prior. He left the dinner with John; we generally take both vehicles just in case someone needs to leave early. So John and Mathew went home and Dominique and I followed a while later. Mathew fell asleep shortly after I got back. Kristen went off to visit some more with her cousins.

Good memories were made by all and Dominique was thrilled to share this large family gathering with us.


Now I have to say I typed an entire post before this one and somehow lost it. I didn’t throw the computer across the room in frustration because the boys are sleeping. This is a rare night when Mathew is actually sleeping through the night while my skewed internal clock can no longer tell me what time of day it is!! Checking the computer I see it is 4:30 am so I am going to sign off and get some sleep.