Mathew had a rough day yesterday. It is 2 am and he is still trying to get to sleep. He had many extra doses of break-through morphine to keep the pain in his chest and back area under control.

For the first time in a couple of years Mathew had a sponge bath. He felt too tired for a shower and indeed, spent the whole day in bed. Today is the launch of the Nintendo Switch, a new game console he is getting for his birthday. He is so worried he will be feeling too ill to try it out.

Fortunately this new console can be hand-held so Mathew can play in bed, if he is up for it. He didn’t get up to sit in his chair at all.

Mathew is also experiencing intense itchiness from the morphine, an unfortunate side effect when additional doses are given. Benadryl helps to keep that under control.

We worry when Mathew needs so much extra break-through because it could mean the tumours have grown and are rubbing against nerves. Something is bothering him because he wants me close enough to touch me all the day.

Mathew ate one meal today; Easy Mac and some sausages, plus a Nestea.

No doubt the pain he is in left him unable to sleep or even doze much today. If this continues until morning then I will double the morphine, as per a discussion I had with Mathew’s primary doctor. I have to monitor his breathing because this opioid has another side effect of suppressing breathing. Yikes!!