Mathew slept all last night and through today except for about two hours this afternoon. This sleep-a-thon is probably brought to you from all of yesterday’s meds yesterday plus the marathon wake period leading up to last night.

He sweats a lot, both from one of his medications and from his cancer. His bedding is changed almost daily but he is so tired today I could only exchange his top sheet. Tomorrow is a day for showers and clean bedding!

If he is up tomorrow we will probably also catch up on our current favourite tv show, Riverdale. It is a grown up show about the Archie Comics I grew up with. Make no mistake however, this ISN’T your cutsie kid version of those old comics! Every person is town has some secret that eventually gets exposed and nothing is innocent enough for kids!!

Some kind of Polar Vortex is passing through and it is a nasty reminder that winter isn’t over yet. I went out to pick up some prescriptions and get some groceries and couldn’t wait to shiver back in my own cozy home!!

I hope you are all warm, wherever you may be.

John’s mother, Jean (Nana), has a birthday luncheon every year hosted by the girls of the family. This year Mathew was invited and he felt well enough to go. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and even put an arm around Jean’s shoulder for the picture. This was a great birthday gift for her because Mathew doesn’t let anyone hug/hold/touch him besides me. He has always had tactile sensory difficulties and it is linked to his autism.

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