Mathew spent this last day sleeping as well. He was up from 4 to 5:30 am early this morning but aside from that he just wants to sleep. No additional meds were requested or given and this is the second day of no food.

Mathew was nauseated when I got him in the shower so I worked as quickly and as gently as possible. He felt simply awful sitting on his shower chair but felt better once he was back in bed. We did manage to change his bedding and give him a shower so he rested comfortably.

We always grow worried when he sleeps like this and declines all food and drink except for water. We never know what is going on.

Today I am sad because Mathew was unable to attend a concert that played in Moncton. Billy Talent was at the Moncton Casino tonight and we bought tickets for it back in November. Moncton is approximately a  one and a half hour drive and we were prepared to get a hotel for him to rest before and after. He just couldn’t do it. Kristen had planned to come home to accompany him to the concert while John and I hung out in the actual Casino part. We did this for the Weird Al Yankovic concert there….geez, a year or so ago. John and I ended up relaxing in the truck after a meal just for some quiet.

Kristen is coming home in a couple of days, for Mathew’s birthday on Friday. This year I am spending a lot of time remembering when he was born, almost 24 years ago now. It is so bittersweet and poignant. How many people know when their child is going to see their last birthday? If he continues like this he won’t even notice his special day.

When Mathew was healthy he hosted two parties a year. One at Halloween and the other for his birthday. He invited a few special friends and they took over the big family room downstairs. I decorated and was their food servant for the time of the party. He and his friends always looked forward to this time together.

Earlier in his life when he had no friends I spent his birthday with him. When we lived in Alberta, just north of Edmonton, he and I visited the West Edmonton Mall and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. His teachers never liked when he skipped school on his birthday but it never bothered me. I took the day off work and we would spend the day together. If it was a school day then Kristen would go to school and celebrate in the evening with his requested meal and cake. We had not family there so it was just us. Mathew and I loved our day together and while I know the absence of friends and being bullied was so hard, just for that day he was free from all of that.

Mathew is so happy his sister is coming home but is worried he won’t be able to stay awake long enough to visit with her. Today he didn’t touch his birthday gift from us, that long-awaited Nintendo Switch. He had a few short wakeful periods and went on his iPad to check Facebook.

I’m off now; back to his room and watch over him. To be his comfort when he wakes up. John is working tomorrow and needs his beauty sleep.

Good night.