I didn’t update last night because I drove up to Fredericton to pick Kristen up. Flights go directly from Ottawa to Fredericton and Moncton but not Saint John!! Being in Fredericton gave me the opportunity to dine with my brother- and sister-in-law, Alistair and Denise. Denise served me a wonderful dinner ~ I brought my leftovers home for today’s lunch!!

Kristen got in at 10:30 pm and it took until midnight to get home. Kristen had revived during our drive home and was able to visit Mathew for two hours! It is lovely to hear the two of them chat together in that easy way that only siblings do.

Mathew’s pain increased yesterday and through the night. This in spite of upping the slow release morphine to 60 mg plus giving him break through of 10 mg and the Ativan. Around 6 am or so he had a sudden severe pulsing pain and I wondered if we were going to the ER again.

A dose of Ativan enabled him to relax and sleep so we didn’t go. His nurse, during today’s call, added 800 mg of Advil and 1,000 mg of Tylenol to the allowed pain relievers, every 6 hours.

If this doesn’t work then Mathew is looking at being admitted to the Palliative Care unit until pain relief is obtained. It may be his body has adjusted to the morphine.

More later