Crash and BURN! Mathew is sleeping today and I’ve been snoozing on his chair. The house is empty; everyone left and Kristen flew out this morning. The light always dims a little when she is gone, her personality brings with it a lot of sparkle.

I wondered how long Mathew could “party” and it turns out 3 days is the maximum!

It is freezing cold outside and with the “spring forward” bright idea (ha) it is a good day to just snuggle and sleep off the last few days.

Mathew is complaining of the pain in his side and sniffing or coughing still hurts.

Mathew sure enjoyed all the shopping with the gift cards and cash all of you bestowed upon him. He bought a game for his PS4 that he eyed a long time ago and the rest is coming through There is a variety of toys, you could say, of his favourite shows. I’ll take some pictures when they come in because I doubt many of you have heard or seen them.

On that short and lazy note, I crawling back to the chair to do more dozing.

Happy Sunday everyone.

ps can’t SOMEONE get this time change struck off the books?? It is DONE, people! DONE.