Mathew’s meds were upped without requiring a trip to the palliative care unit. His morphine was increased from 60 mg to 75 mg long acting. He took that once otherwise claims preference for the 60 mg. He is in pain but it is bearable. Perhaps he is too groggy on the higher dose.

What is an irritating side effect, for him, is sweating. We’re not talking a little perspiration here but a drenching.  He is too tired to shower so aside from trying to keep him and his bed dry it is a frustrating chore.

Tomorrow (later this morning now!) Decadron will be added to the mix. This is the steroid that produced wild mood swings during treatment. It is thought that perhaps where Mathew is tired out and recovering from last weekend that it might not affect him so much but will reduce pain and give his appetite a nudge.

Mathew is on another food free streak; three days so far and only water to drink. He is very nauseous but that might partially be caused by having no food intake. You know, you are so hungry your stomach hurts? I am working on getting some cheerios, a piece of toast or mashed potatoes into him to kick start his energy.

The occupational therapist was in yesterday and popped by again today. She brought over a bed railing to help Mathew get in and out of bed. The support that fits between the mattress is rather large and will less the softness of his mattress. It looks sturdy now we just need Mathew to move over so we can get it in. The OT also brought rails for the toilet since that is an area of concern and Mathew did fall off it once already. Thankfully the bathroom is kept clean because the OT had to remove the toilet seat completely to install the rail system. I gave her gloves anywhere because who wants to work on a toilet without surgical gloves at the very least??? Mathew is very pleased and feels more secure now. We already have a wheelchair we bought 2 years ago plus the 4 wheeled walker we got him when he was first diagnosed almost 4 years ago. That and the bench and transfer seat for the shower caps the aids he needs so far.

Mathew still isn’t sleeping soundly though. Every time I make a little movement he wants to know where I’m going and when I’ll be back. I ….gasp…. almost fall asleep right away on the cot these days when I’m tired enough!

As soon as John got home from work today I crashed and slept for 6 hours in our room. Mathew had some idea of how tired I was because he wished me a good nap. I sure needed it and feel somewhat human again.

We are getting the winter storm that crept up the Eastern seaboard of the US. It snowed for the first few hours but now it is a slushy mess with a mixture of rain and snow. Once again the city buses were taken off the road and the mall closed early. This weather is so treacherous and made even worse by the hilly terrain here along the coast. It isn’t like back in Edmonton, Alberta, where you drive the highway and can still see home hours later it is so flat (ha ha). Spring can’t come soon enough!

Good night all